Customers Think These Are the BEST Pots & Pans. What Makes MEC So Special?


A great product should also be backed by good reviews from real customers. For this reason MEC periodically contacts customers who have used the products for a minimum of 2 months to write reviews.  This article explains why customers think MEC makes the best pots & pans. (Also, MEC is rated 4.7 out of 5 on Google.)

The customers think these are the BEST pots & pans.  What is it about MEC that makes them special? First lets see what customers are saying about it:

“My family and I are so grateful we discovered Miriams Earthenware pots. We were looking for a way to cook bone broth and other slow cookery meals without the potentially harmful effects of lead and other chemicals in crock pots. Their cookware goes beyond my wildest expectations. Besides feeling confident about the safety and health benefits of cooking with clay cookware, the dishes are incredibly delicious and richer and the cooking time is greatly reduced. I love the recipes they have on their website and can’t wait for a cookbook. The customer service is also amazing!”

Victoria Behar

“I truly love my pots they are strong my food has a true earthy flavor sometimes and I know that I am providing a metal free nutritious food to my children. As a mom of an autistic child
My daily focus is to provide the cleanest food possible to my son! Thank goodness for Miriam cookware! We love it!!!!”

Ana Sanchez

“I love my clay pots! It feels good knowing there are no metals or chemicals leaching into my healthily cooked meals. I like the fact that no oil is required to cook… I just use a small layer of water. It is also nice that they can go in the oven or on the stove top. Took me some time to perfect cooking with clay because it is very different than using metal pots. It literally changed my understanding of and approach to cooking. Totally worth it!”

Vanice Michelle Medley

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Here are 5 reasons why they are different:


MEC’s pots & pans are 100% inert, meaning nothing from the pot leaches into your food.  These are the best pots & pans guaranteed to be 100% inert in the market today.  This is a far cry from traditional pots & pans that are reactive and volatile. They constantly leach metal ions & chemicals into your food. A simple baking soda test for leaching proves this fact.


Pure clay cooks with a gentle heat known as far infrared heat, this heat has a greater wavelength. It penetrates deeper into the food without damaging the nutritional cells. Traditional cookware cooks with harsh heat that damages the delicate nutritional tissues in foods. This is why cooked food is nutritionally deficient since we switched from cooking in clay to ‘modern’ vessels like metals and ceramics.

Also, 9 out of the 13 essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins are water soluble and leave when the moisture in food evaporates.  By trapping steam inside, MEC’s pure clay pots and pans help your food retain all its water-soluble nutrients. Regular pots and pans, including pressure cookers, let steam escape. And with it, leave vitamins and minerals.


“The food tastes amazing and nothing like what we’ve tasted before” is what MEC cooks say all the time. The reason is — the unique far infrared heat helps seasonings and spices penetrate deeper into food making it more flavorful. The gentle form of heat doesn’t damage food tissues making all the natural flavors, that otherwise get destroyed, readily available for you to taste and experience.


Being made from 100% pure-clay MEC pots can retain heat better than their metal counterparts. This enables pure clay pots to cook faster and with less heat than with conventional cookware. So foods that may take a long time to cook such as lentils or slow cooker meals have their cooking times reduced. For example, while making a 6 qt pot of beef bone broth takes 12-24 hours in a slow cooker, will take only 3-4 hours in MEC pots.  Because there is no nutritional damage to the food, you can raise the heat to medium till cooking point and bring it back to simmer till fully done.  In 3-4 hours your bone broth is ready, far more delicious and nutritious. Another reason why these are the best pots & pans.


The unique “breathable” walls of these pots make them naturally non-stick. So they’re easier to clean and cook with because food doesn’t stick to them. And also you will not need to add oils or fats to cook with it.  Best of all it makes cleaning a breeze! No soap is needed just sprinkle a little bit of baking soda mix with some warm/hot water to clean your pure clay cookware.

best pots & pans

With all these great many unique features and benefits there is now no reason why you shouldn’t be cooking in Miriams Earthen Cookware! Get yours today.