Dutch oven cooking the healthy way


Dutch oven is cooking is quite popular among the cooks around the globe, especially because of the versatility of this piece of cookware. One can cook a wide range of recipes in this sturdy cooking pot. When made from the healthiest material, pure clay, a Dutch oven can cook the same recipes with more health value and in less time. Let’s find out how pure clay makes Dutch oven cooking healthier: 

Dutch oven that cooks 100% non-toxic 

Unlike conventional materials that leach metal and/or chemical toxins into food while cooking, a pure clay Dutch oven is 100% non-toxic. The raw material is naturally inert so doesn’t reactively leach into food. Thus, the food stays uncontaminated after cooking. 

Dutch oven that cooks food nutritiously 

Loss of nutrients is another serious issue when cooking with harsh heat from conventional materials. Pure clay radiates gentle far infrared heat that preserves nutritional value of food. Also, the water-soluble nutrients (steam) stay in food while cooking in ergonomically designed pure clay pots. 

Dutch oven that’s “green” – healthy for the planet too! 

Most importantly, pure clay is the only eco-friendly material when compared to conventional like metals and ceramics. The disposal of metal and chemical waste is a huge challenge for the whole planet and is causing irreparable damage to the environment. 

In such times, pure clay comes as a blessing for the humankind. A pure clay Dutch oven is fully biodegradable. After using it for years, at the end of its useful lifecycle, it can be safely disposed off. It goes back to the same earth where it comes from, without affecting the environment – a truly green cooking pot

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