Every Green Kitchen should have this cookware: Miriams Earthen Cookware


More and more people are realizing the direct connection between their lifestyle choices and the environment. Being green in the kitchen is not just the “cool” thing anymore, it is quintessential if we have to help heal the hurting environment.  

Your cookware is an integral part of your kitchen and says a lot about your eco-score, more than the other things because it is not a dormant piece of utensil, rather it is an active, working and productive part of your kitchen. Choosing the right one will mean that you have one made from an eco-friendly material and is green in the functioning!  

When you go to the market or visit any online store looking for green cookware, you will find various cookware that are labeled ‘green’ some even painted green to be then called “eco-friendly”, but they are far from it. It is difficult to find a truly green cookware not because it doesn’t exist but because the popular ones are made from metals, their alloys and ceramics. These materials harm the environment in many ways so there is no way one can make green cookware using them. 

This is where Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) comes in. MEC’s pure clay cookware is time-tested and 100% eco-friendly. Let’s find out why: 

The Raw Material: While metals and chemical laden ceramics call for mining of minerals and extraction of metal ores that require massive deforestation and release toxic waste that contaminates air, water and land, pure clay is just the opposite. It is harvested from the earth’s surface and is used pure and whole, after thorough testing. 

100% Natural and Renewable: The metal ores and oxides take millions of years to form and are non-renewable, their constant mining disturbs the earth’s magnetic field which is irreversible. On the other hand, pure clay is found right on the surface of the earth, so does not require mining. It is formed by the unique action between water, earth, and air. When a portion of it is taken for our use, the earth make more — it is 100% renewable! 

Saves Energy: green kitchen should make optimum use of the heat source which means using the least amount of energy to cook food. MEC cook’s food at low to medium heat – thanks to far infrared heat that radiates from pure clay that penetrates into food and cooks it thoroughly yet gently. Unlike conventional pots that get cold very quickly, MEC retains heat and keeps food warm for longer so no need to reheat food multiple times. That’s one more way MEC saves energy! 

100% Compostable: Safe disposal of waste is a problem the whole world is struggling with. When the metal pots are no longer useful, their disposal becomes a challenge, with billions being spent on recycling and the like, yielding less benefits as a lot of it is not recyclable and is also disposed as trash. But MEC pure clay pots are like a sigh of relief. Once they complete their useful cycle, which can be decades long depending on how you use them, they go back to the same earth where they come from. Making them 100% compostable

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on these amazing pots and pans that customers around the world have come to love and appreciate, you can do it right from the comfort of your homes. Visit MEC store and get yours today. 


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