Healthy Pressure-Cooking Beans and Lentils in Clay


Beans and lentils are highly nutritious and are a preferred choice for health enthusiast. The conventional method of cooking is pressure cooking beans and lentils in a stainless steel or aluminum pressure cooker. This is done so because the pressure that builds up in the pot forces the beans to cook faster. Sounds convenient? It sure does, but in order to preserve their health value, a small change is required. 

Pressure Cooking Beans and Lentils: Why metal pots are not right? 

It is a known fact that all metals are reactive, and that is no exception here either: While the high pressure is forcing the beans to cook, metal ions from the pot are reactively leaching into the food to form unhealthy molecular bonds! The metal ions binding to food have no health value and are detrimental to the body at every level of functioning. 

Pressure Cooking Beans and Lentils: Switch to healthy pot 

It’s not the pressure cooking that makes your food unhealthy, it’s the pot you choose for this purpose. For pressure cooking beans and lentils in a healthy way, all you need is a healthy pot – one that is non-toxic and doesn’t destroy nutrients: 

Pots made from unglazed primary clay or pure clay are time-tested healthy pots that are perfect for healthy pressure cooking. The credit goes to the raw material, pure clay, which is naturally non-toxic (scientific lab tests have confirmed it) and cooks with gentle far-infrared heat that preserves nutrients. 

Pressure Cooking Beans and Lentils with MEC: The healthiest way 

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US based company that makes healthy pressure cookers from pure clay that have NO metals or chemicals. They are ergonomically designed to lock steam within the pot, thus also preserving water soluble nutrients

Pressure cooking beans and lentils in MEC keeps them nutritious, healthy and tasting great – no other cooking pot can beat that! Ready to join the league of healthy cooks who ditched the conventional and switched to healthy pressure cooking? Head over to MEC Store and get pure clay pressure cooker today! 


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