How to cook with your new MEC Pots and Pans set


Our MEC pots and pans come in a range of sizes to suit all needs and families. We’ve got the extra large pots for baking an entire turkey, small pots for soups or stews for two, medium clay pans and different sets of 2 or 3 combos that can actually save you money. When it comes to finding a healthy and safe pots and pans set, you can’t do better than our MEC range, as these are 100% pure clay cookware, with NO lead, cadmium or heavy metals whatsoever. Here are a few tips to cooking with your new set as to get the best of your clay pots.

The need for a heat diffuser

The great thing about the MEC pots and pans set is that you can use it for both oven cooking and stove-top cooking. However, when cooking on stove-top, we strongly recommend using a heat diffuser. This will help spread the heat evenly on the bottom of your clay pot or pan, because automatic cooking ranges as well as electric stoves distribute heat unevenly.

If you have a gas stove, one that burns with a flame, then heat is more equally distributed, but it’s still better to use a heat diffuser, especially if you are making a dish that requires slow cooking and your pot is on the stove for hours.

Obviously, if you are baking and you use your pot or pan in the oven, there is no need to use a heat diffuser. The oven distributes heat evenly. Just make sure you don’t forget to place the pot in the cold oven and increase heat gradually.

The right type of heat diffuser

There are many types of heat diffusers on the market and you can buy them from many stores. We sell a couple of them too. If you already have one, that’s perfect, but you need to make sure it’s not a copper one.

Heat diffusers made from copper don’t actually solve your even heat problem. What they do is throw out a lot of heat and it’s not uniformly distributed. The heat is usually contained around the center and because it’s very high, the pot might crack.

The best heat diffusers for your MEC pots and pans set are those made of cast iron, carbon steel of even aluminum. A ventilated diffuser should work better than a non-ventilated one, especially if your stove-top is glass or ceramic. The heat diffuser is a universal size. You can use the same one with all your MEC pots and pans, regardless of their size.