In a search to find the BEST cookware she founded Miriam’s Earthen Cookware:


The BEST cookware and bakeware should be one that can cook your food in the healthiest way possible, without any toxins leaching from the pot, without the food’s nutrients being destroyed while cooking, and without loss of the vital water-soluble nutrients… Now which pot or pan can really do this?  

Finding the answer to this primary question became Miriam’s life passion! Why? Because it meant so much to the ailing humanity that she saw around her. She strongly believed truly healthy food could restore human health a hundred-fold. So, this quest took her on a life changing journey to find some fascinating answers

It all started when Miriam’s glucose test came back positive in 2008 while pregnant with her first child, despite being seemingly healthy. Disappointed yet determined to find out what was causing her body to not produce enough insulin, she did a lot of research and prayed to the Almighty to guide her to the answers to the many questions she had. 

Her dedication, hard work and faith finally paid off, and she finally stopped at the one thing that was right in front of her eyes — all her life — but she never expected until now – the cookware. She found in her research that cookware made from pure and natural primary clay was far healthier than the conventional ones made from metals or ceramics. 

Now that she knew it, it all started to make sense – the nutrient-rich earth that grows our food must also be able to cook it! She did alkaline baking soda test on all her cookware and the results were shocking – she could taste the junk she had been ingesting from those pots. Her research also showed gross depletion of nutrients when cooked in these pots. 

She decided to make cookware using pure clay, but in the right way so she could offer the best pots and pans to people! She decided to add no additives, use no chemicals, glazes or enamels so this pure and natural material could retain its health value even when shaped into pots and pans, and today, we all know these pots and pans as Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC). 

Despite some imported pots and pans made from clay, MEC created and maintained its special place in the market and in the hearts of the people who gave these a try, by maintaining highest possible standards of quality. 

MEC makes the best pots and pans by harvesting clay from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands in the USA. After thorough testing for any possible contaminants, this unique line of pots and pans are made in the most time-honored method of throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands. 

When food is cooked in MEC, it is 100% non-toxic, healthy and nutritious. The immune system is a powerful entity and when it is given the right food, it can meticulously fight disease and give back health & vitality all the days of our life. And this is exactly how Miriam was able to heal her diabetes by switching to pure clay cookware! You can read more about how the pots made all the difference here.

Ready to join the league of healthy people who switched to MEC and never looked back? Head over to MEC Store and order pure clay cookware for your kitchen today! 


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