How Can You Find Truly Lead-Free Dishes for Your Kitchen Table?


Lead has been an ever-present concern, given how it harms human body, even in small amounts. The health issues associated with lead exposure and ingestion are wide and varied, spanning from developmental and developmental issues in children to bone injury and lead poisoning for anyone who ingests it. After the FDA began testing dinnerware, many were discovered to contain this harmful heavy metal. Lead is just the tip of the iceberg, too: dinnerware can also contain cadmium, as well as other heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

In recent years, many healthy cooks have started cooking their favorite recipes using non-toxic cookware, but many may overlook the health effects of dishes used to serve food. As food is mostly served hot on these dinnerware pieces, their materials are as likely to leach as cookware does!

If you are looking to buy new cups, bowls, and plates for your own home, how can you be sure your new dinnerware set has no lead (or anything else)? Here is a guide on how to find consistently lead-free dishes, for the best home safety.

Are Any Dishes Safe? Tips for Looking for Lead-Free Dinnerware

When looking for a new dinnerware set, it is usual for people to choose these aforementioned colorful, shiny, and glossy-finished varieties (like bone china); because we are used to believing that these are signs of superior quality. But unfortunately, these are exactly the varieties one must avoid, because their “beauty” comes from excessive use of glazes that contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Glazed Ceramics
Glazed Ceramics

One of the easiest identifiers for lead, cadmium, or other harmful chemicals is these colored glazes found in ceramic dinnerware. It is better to choose the dishes that are made from a raw pure material without these, and preferably avoid the imported ones — because there is usually no way to know their actual composition.

If you stumble upon any lead safe or lead free dinnerware brands, it is good to look for test results to ensure there is absolutely no lead, instead of lead present in ‘safe levels’. Not all “lead-free” or “cadmium free” brands have zero lead/cadmium; instead, they have a lead content or cadmium content level below a certain threshold. Given lead’s toxicity even in small amounts, this is unacceptable for safety!

Brightly colored ceramic plates and cups are no good, but what about other materials? Glass dishes also can contain lead or cadmium, and they are usually refined with petalite: the ore that lithium is extracted from. Lithium has its own list of health issues, and is a controversial metal in its own right! Avoid plastic dishes, too. Plastics are heavily treated with countless chemicals, leach even more easily, and are devastating for the environment.

Unfortunately, beyond avoiding clearly colorful glazes, there is no way to tell if a dish is lead free just by looking at it. The only way to be sure is to get it tested, or to choose one that comes pre-tested. Obviously, it can be impractical and expensive to send every piece of dinnerware to a testing lab right after you buy it, so the only reasonable option is to do proper research to choose a brand that offers truly lead-free dinnerware backed by test results.

Is there anything that serves as a completely safe dinnerware set, then? With all the common dishes, determining their safety is a toss-up. As previously mentioned, lead and cadmium aren’t the only toxins, either. Like the aforementioned petalite, any number of chemicals or heavy metals can be in a dish, and these can leach into hot food. Thankfully, you can buy a brand of dinnerware that is completely non-toxic without any of these harmful materials, read on to find out about this non-toxic brand.

The Healthiest Dishes that Have no Lead, Guaranteed

If you are looking for the healthiest dishes that are guaranteed to have no lead, cadmium, or other toxins, look no further. Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) offers a great range of dinnerware made from lab tested primary clay without additives, chemicals or glazes — made in USA. Their handmade cups, bowls and other products make a great set of truly lead free dinnerware for your kitchen table to let you eat without worrying about lead poisoning or other health effects coming from your cup or bowl.

MEC Lead-Free Bowls

There are no synthetic colors or finishes used while making these, which also means there is no toxic waste released during production (in other words, MEC’s production practices are environmentally friendly!). After firing, they take the natural deep red hue of fired clay which is another proof of MEC being made from pure clay. On top of that the test results that are publicly displayed on their website here, showing no lead or cadmium whatsoever!

Lead, cadmium, and the other chemicals in many dishes can compromise you and your family’s health after it leaches into your food. These materials are so dangerous even in low quantities, so why take the risk with other dishes? MEC offers fully non-toxic dinnerware sets for your table without them included, tested and guaranteed. For the safest and healthiest dining experience, purchase a non-toxic dinnerware combo off the MEC online store today.

People Also Ask:

What brands of dinnerware are lead-free?

Only those brands that test their raw material for complete composition and publicly display the test results showing absolutely no lead (0 ppm) are truly lead free. As there is no ‘safe level’ of exposure when it comes to this heavy metal, it is imperative to make sure lead is not present even in trace amounts.

What is the least toxic dinnerware?

Although it is best to go for 100% non-toxic dinnerware because any toxin can pose a serious health risk over time, the least toxic ones would be at least completely free from heavy metals like lead and cadmium, as well as chemicals. And the only way to ensure this is test results from a reputable lab.


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