Learn more about Clay Pot Cooking in Boston MA


Getting the best your money can buy is everyone’s goal when it comes to buying things for your house and family, and it is the same for cookware too! You might already know the great many unique benefits of clay pot cooking; namely – 100% non-toxic & nutrition-rich food and more… And if you are on the research for the biggest bang for your buck, you are in the right place to learn more about clay pot cooking

Today, we are going to discuss the different clay pots available and which one is the best and why: 

Ceramic Pots 

Although ceramic pots are called ‘clay pots’ by some and they may loosely fall into that category, these are not at all the same in features and benefits. They may be one-part clay to 10 parts oxides, chemicals and glazes! All of which are toxins you don’t want anywhere near your food. 

Imported Clay Pots and Pans 

The imported varieties are no different because they also use lesser quality clay mixed with additives. Also, the exact origin and composition of raw material is often unavailable or misrepresented in absence of authentic lab tests. Your best shot is performing an alkaline baking soda test to test their toxicity. 

100% Pure Clay Cookware 

Pure clay is unglazed primary clay – the purest form of natural clay that has been available freely since the inception of human civilization. Some of you may be surprised to know that for thousands of years, our ancestors depended on pure clay for making cookware. It is the most time-honored method. 

Pure clay is harvested from earth’s surface and the pots and pans are thrown on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands. Sounds ancient, doesn’t it?  

MEC – The Pioneers of Clay Pot Cooking in Boston MA 

The only ones still making something like this in the world is Miriam’s Earthen cookware (MEC) – a pioneering company based in Boston MA making pure clay cookware for more than a decade. MEC boasts some of the best reviews for cookware from healthy cooks around the world! 

Their raw material (pure clay) is tested in a state lab for contaminants. Besides being 100% non-toxic, MEC pots and pans cook with gentle far infrared heat that preserves delicate nutrients and their ergonomic design makes sure the steam (water soluble nutrients) stays within the pot while cooking

If you are looking to venture into this healthy method of cooking in pure clay pots in Boston or anywhere else in USA or any part of the world, you can visit MEC website to learn all about it and visit their store to get your pots delivered right to your doorstep. 


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