Make America Healthy Initiative | MEC


It’s interesting that a phrase similar to this (Make America Great) has become a cliche in recent years, but the truth is America is already great and can continue being great and become greater only if we are healthy.

Imagine if we could eliminate lifestyle illness, how great would that be? Did you know 90-95% of chronic illnesses are self-induced and preventable?

Imagine we could bring down our sky rocketing health care cost by just half? How great would that be?

Imagine we could save one life from being consumed by cancer, one person from suffering the consequences of diabetes…

There is so much do to and it all begins with eating the right food — healthy, non-toxic, nutrition rich food.  This is possible only if that food and cookware are of the right kind.  We have set out on a mission to help people cook in the right kind of pots, ones that can cook without adding toxins into the food and cook it without destroying nutrients — so you can enjoy truly non-toxic and nutri With this initiate, we want to help more people cook great food in these pots.

On the posts of this page, you will find all kinds recipes carefully selected, tried and edited to include only healthy, A grade ingredients. You can read posts on alternatives to commonly used unhealthy ingredients.  All recipes are off course cooked in MEC’s pure-clay pots and pans.

You will also read articles that promote a healthy lifestyle.

As part of this initiative we will be periodically sending emails to all our newsletter subscribers.  These newsletter will include A grade healthy recipes and cooking articles. If you’d like to join the newsletter please sign-up at the bottom footer section of this page.

If you were to ever have questions on anything related to cooking in pure-clay please feel free to email us, we will get back to you promptly.