Say Goodbye to Store-bought Yogurt, Make It at Home


A number of people like yogurt – both for its taste and health benefits. If you like yogurt, you must already know how beneficial it is for your health. This article talks about making yogurt at home in the easiest way using an unglazed clay pot. This is an ancient method of making thick & creamy yogurt, naturally.

Why is it a Super-food?

There are many benefits to adding this pure goodness of cultured food. Among these various benefits, one that stands out is that it is naturally rich in probiotics.  Probiotics are the foundation for a healthy digestive system and aid the body in many healthful ways.

The Science Behind:

If you’re interested in knowing about the science behind making this super-food, it’s simple. Fermenting milk using bacteria (known as ‘yogurt cultures’ or ‘live cultures’) makes yogurt. They ferment a natural sugar found in milk, called lactose and produce lactic acid. This thickens milk proteins and gives a unique flavor and texture to yogurt. No wonder it is a favorite for people of all ages.

The Main Issue with Making Yogurt at Home:

When making yogurt at home, some face issues like the yogurt turning out watery or runny. And the taste is not even close to that of store-bought yogurt. This is probably the reason many prefer store-bought to homemade yogurt.

But store-bought yogurt is not that healthy as it contains unhealthy sugars, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, and thickeners. It has artificial thickeners like gelatin, which is a glue made from animal bones and pectin. It is a biopolymer with no nutritional value in the body and can be detrimental.It is also heat processed to increase shelf life, which destroys the essential live bacterial cultures. Thus, almost all the good stuff is processed out!

Making yogurt at home is easy with MEC's pure-clay pots

An Excellent Natural Solution to This Problem:

In many parts of the world, yogurt is not just a fad but a staple and the main part of the people’s diet. They make yogurt in an unglazed pure-clay pot. Here’s why this method is so simple and healthier:

  1. The breathable (semi-porous) pot lets the excess water evaporate, thickening your yogurt naturally and eliminating the need for straining.
  2. You can make it in just 3 easy steps taking about 5-10 minutes of hands-on time:
    1. Heating the milk
    2. Adding the culture, and
    3. Letting it ferment
  3. Involves the use of just the pot, no need for plastic jars or lead-laden glass jars.
  4. All-natural clay is an excellent retainer of heat so the whole process happens with no additional heat source.
  5. Does not require the pot to be wrapped in blankets to keep warm.  Pure-clay holds the heat for several hours, naturally.

Again, here are the detailed instructions for making yogurt at home using in this method.  And of course, we are always here to answer any questions you might have.

Try this method and join the numerous MEC cooks who enjoy making yogurt in this all-natural way  (read Google reviews here). The 100% Non-toxic Yogurt Maker set is ideal for this purpose.