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Best Yogurt Maker & More…| Set of 2 (1/2 gallon each)


Shipment Includes:
2 x MEC 100% Pure-Clay 2.5 Quart|10 cups Pot w/ Lid
Seasoning, Cooking & Care Instructions

2.36 Litres each

Both pots together make more than 1 Gallon of Yogurt. Makes Thick and Creamy Yogurt, NATURALLY! No need for ANY additives or thickeners or straining, the pot does the job for you. Can be used to make excellent vegan (coconut, almond milk) yogurt too.

How to Make Thick, Healthy (no additives) Home Made Yogurt.

Neha Durant, from NM, USA on Aug 6th 2013: “I make yogurt in these pots almost 3 times a week now. The kids can’t get enough of it. It’s so yummy, delicious…”

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Ask the natives and they’ll tell you the secret to making the perfect yogurt is in the pot.  When making in a unglazed, pure-clay pot,  the micro-pores of the clay let water slowly evaporate, thickening yogurt naturally without having to strain it or add thickeners.  In this natural process, only water is lost not essential nutrients and liquid probiotics.  It’s extremely easy to make yogurt in your MEC pots, [click here for detailed instructions — making your best homemade yogurt]

–Heat milk in the pot for about 40 minutes till it forms tiny bubbles on the surface (about 180 degrees F, 85 C). Turn stove off and let it cool down.

— Leave lid open and test after 30 to 40 minutes by holding little finger (pinky finger) in for 5 seconds, if you can hold it there for 5 seconds, milk is of the right temperature (about 110 degrees F or 43 in C) to accept the culture, add culture and stir in.

–Close the lid and set the pot with the milk/yogurt mixture in the oven with the oven light on.

— After about 6-8 hours or overnight, take it out & leave it to sit outside for 30 mins.  Now put in the refrigerator for an hour or so.

Enjoy your delicious, thick and creamy yogurt!

Must use with diffuser on electric stove tops.

Did you know? 

Yogurt that stays in a pure-clay pot for 1-2 days (seasoned yogurt) becomes thick enough to make healthy icing for cakes.

Yogurt makes a fantastic replacement for butter and other fats when baking!

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Best Yogurt Maker & More...| Set of 2 (1/2 gallon each)
Miriam's Earthen Cookware
The Walls Of An Unglazed Pure-Clay Pot Breaths Out Excess Moisture From The Yogurt Making It Thick Naturally. Ask Someone Who Has Enjoyed The Taste Of Yogurt Made In Clay And They'll Tell You There's No Better Tasting Yogurt - Thick, Creamy & Perfectly Delicious!
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