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Are you looking for a non-toxic cookware to keep your food, and the planet, uncontaminated and healthy? We are sure clay cookware must be on the top of your list. After all, the all-natural primary clay is the only known raw material that makes 100% non-toxic pots and pans. This article talks about a non-toxic clay cookware for today and tomorrow by an all-American cookware brand, Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC), and explains how this timeless cookware is better than other clay cookware options.

MEC uses the purest form of clay which is 100% non-toxic

MEC’s clay cookware is made from 100% pure and primary clay. It is naturally inert, therefore, free from impurities. MEC harvests clay from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands in the US. after testing a sample in a state lab for contaminants. MEC’s non-toxic clay cookware passes this alkaline baking soda test (read more about it here) which shows it does not leach toxins. Additionally, no other clay cookware maker goes to this extent to ensure the purity of raw material and often uses low quality secondary or tertiary clay.

MEC doesn’t use additives – for your good health!

Clay cookware manufacturers often use additives to add color, finishing and strength to the clay pot. MEC’s raw material has all the abilities needed to cook food in the healthiest way. The makers refrain from using unnecessary finishing, colors, designs that may decorate the pot but negatively impact its health value.

MEC is green in every sense of the word – contributing to a better tomorrow

‘Green’ stands for truly eco-friendly. While most clay pot makers resort to methods that release toxic waste while processing raw material and making pots, MEC turns out to be eco-friendly at all stages. The harvesting of this fully renewable raw material from earth’s crust and shaping it into pots and pans using skillful hands – releases no toxic waste whatsoever. Therefore, these pots and pans are truly non-toxic cookware for today and tomorrow. Cooking with pure clay generates gentle far infrared heat. This type of heat cooks food thoroughly in less time and at low heat – thus saving energy. Other substandard quality clay pots take longer to heat up. They also need higher temperature to cook your food, resulting in loss of nutrition.

While you may be cooking with the pot today, you may use it in other ways tomorrow. At the end of their useful lifecycle as cooking pots, you may use MEC pots for micro-gardening, fermenting, and sprouting etc. And when eventually disposed of, they can safely go back to the same earth where they come from.

Thus, by using MEC cookware, you are not just living a healthier life today, but are also creating a better future by saving the environment. Interested in choosing this non-toxic cookware for today and tomorrow? Visit MEC’s global online store today and order your pot!


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