Non-toxic Kitchenware: Which ones and Where to get it?


Cooking healthy food calls not just for using healthy and ingredients but also using 100% non-toxic kitchenware. This is because food is a biochemical entity and when it comes in contact with a toxic and reactive material, these toxins reactively leach into food. This begs an important question: which ones are non-toxic kitchenware?

Non-toxic Kitchenware: Which ones? 

Most conventional kitchenware are made from metals, their alloys or other materials that are mixed and glazed with chemicals containing metal compounds. It would be sheer ignorance if we consider any metal non-toxic because all metals are innately reactive and leach toxins into food at cooking temperature or even less. 

The chemicals and finishes used in the most expensive kitchenware (including the imported varieties) are dangerous for food. The common chemicals used in kitchenware like lithium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, manganese carbonate etc. poison the food and eventually result in a compromised immune system and are detrimental to body functions. 

How about ceramics? 

Ceramics is no different. It is made from chemical laden low quality clay and further glazed with more chemicals containing leaded silica, tin petalite, umber etc. Ironically, the most expensive, shiny, colorful kitchenware available in the market are the most toxic ones. 

A natural option 

It’s a pity we seldom consider natural options while looking for non-toxic kitchenware, but those are the only options that do the job right. The kitchenware made from pure and natural primary clay is the healthiest option. 

Pure clay is harvested from earth’s crust at unfarmed and non-industrialized locations after testing it for contaminants. There are no chemicals, glazes or enamels used in making these all-natural clay kitchenware so they are truly non-toxic. 

Non-toxic Kitchenware: Where to get it? 

Making kitchenware from clay is an ancient way but thankfully one company in the US is still following in the footsteps of our ancestors and making non-toxic kitchenware from pure clay: Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC). 

MEC makes kitchenware in the US from tested and certified pure clay also sourced from the US. Their products are trusted by thousands of customers who decided to choose this healthy and natural option over artificial ones and never looked back.  

Ready to switch to a truly non-toxic kitchenware for your family’s health? Visit MEC Store and order yours today


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