Want to Make Your Grains Healthy and Delicious? Here are Few Tips…


Rice And Grains Cooker: What Are The Challenges?

Cooking rice and grains can be both easy and challenging at times. Too less heat may leave them uncooked or unevenly cooked. On the other hand, heating them too much may make them mushy and ruin their natural flavor. Similarly, adding too much water may make them watery, and using less water may cause them to be dry. As a result, they won’t be soft and fluffy like you want them to. The thing is – the rice and grains cooker plays a great role in cooking these fundamental carbs just as much as anything else.

Why A Conventional Rice And Grains Cooker Can’t Do The Job?

Conventional metal and ceramic cookware are not the best choices for this purpose. First of all, the heat from this cookware is too harsh and is never evenly distributed. More heat on the bottom than at the top leaves the grains unevenly cooked. Secondly, there is no efficient way to take out excess water, this makes them soggy.

Another problem — most metals and ceramics leach toxins into food while cooking. We did an alkaline baking soda test on some cookware to confirm this fact. The alkalinity of food makes it reactive to the metal ions that this cookware leach. We don’t need these metals in the body because they are only good for diminishing the body’s functionality in every way.

Pure Clay Is Healthier. Here’s Why

Unlike metal/ceramic, pure clay cookware radiates far-infrared heat. It is food-friendly and penetrates deep into each grain to cook evenly and thoroughly. They are good heat retainers, so you can turn the stove off even before the water fully boils – the grains keep cooking with the heat retained in the pot.

Pure clay pots are semi-porous which lets excess water evaporate and leave just enough moisture in cooked grains to make them soft and fluffy. I cooked rice in them and noticed that they were delicious. Each grain was separate from each other without adding any fats, oils or additives – the pot took care of everything. I can confidently say that pure clay pots are ideal rice and grains cooker.

100% non-toxic and healthy Rice and Grains Cooker made from pure clay by Miriams Earthen Cooker

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware make pure clay pots in the USA. They have chosen this healthy material, pure clay for making cookware after a lot of research. People are really happy and satisfied with this healthy way of cooking, as evident from Google reviews. Try a healthy pure-clay pot for rice/grains cooking from MEC and I am sure you won’t use any other cookware for this purpose again.

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