Safest and Healthiest Cookware in Boston


Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Founded in 1630, it has witnessed several key events of the American Revolution! The city that was once established as a “city set on a hill”, i.e. as an example to all the world, has the potential to lead the world in yet another way. 

Healthy cooking is not a choice anymore, it’s the need of the hour because of the increasing health issues. They are on the rise due to eating toxic and nutritionally depleted food cooked in the wrong cookware. Keep reading to find out which is the healthiest cookware in Boston

Which is the healthiest cookware? 

Conventional cookware is made from metals, ceramics or any other kind of clay treated with chemicals but all these materials leach and contaminate food while cooking. Cookware made from 100% pure and primary natural clay and unglazed – is fully inert. The heat from the walls of these pots is uniquely food friendly.

By switching to pure clay cooking, we can cook the healthiest and most nutritious food. And if we make this switch on a large scale, we can be recognized as a city that is leading the world in yet another way: cooking food in the healthiest way! 

Boston’s own Healthiest and Safest Cookware: 

Another reason our city can do this is because it is home to the world’s first and finest pure clay cookware. Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a pioneering company based in Boston that has been making world’s healthiest cookware for close to a decade now. By making pots and pans from pure clay by skillful hands and not using any chemicals or a mechanized process that calls for use of chemicals, MEC has brought back age-old method of making healthy clay cookware

MEC cookware has been tested in the state lab for contaminants and many people have also run home test to check its toxicity (the alkaline baking soda test) which has only strengthened our understanding of purity and healthfulness. 

Besides cooking 100% non-toxic food, pure clay preserves nutrients in food by cooking it gently with its unique far-infrared heat and excellent management of water-soluble nutrients which leave a typical cooking pot as steam. There is no other material that can cook such healthy and nutritious food: the customers swear by it! 

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is making pots and pans in Boston by using raw material –100% primary clay, sourced from New England – is enough to put Boston on the world’s map as the first city in the world to start a healthy cooking revolution. 

Ready to do your part in making this dream come true? Head over to MEC Store and order pure clay pots and pans today to start cooking healthy


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