Safest Cookware: Cooking Rice without Arsenic


Rice contaminated with Arsenic is a major health hazard in the US. In the rice growing belt, the crop is made to stagnate in water containing industrial waste/tailing. This makes rice toxic and increased risks of lung and bladder cancer and skin changes have been reported in people ingesting arsenic this way. Let’s see what steps can be taken to make sure the rice you are eating is safe and free from toxins like arsenic. 

Choose the Best Rice 

It is best to buy rice that has no arsenic – parboiled basmati rice from East Indian origin is a great choice because rice has been grown for thousands of years there. They grow rice in dams that harvest rainwater and not contaminated with arsenic. 

When choosing any other rice, it is good to do some research on the internet which is quite useful for accessing essential information on the source of any quality of rice (including customer reviews). It is also a great idea to contact the manufacturers directly and ask them to send authentic information (accompanied by photos) on how rice is harvested and what water is used to grow the crop. It is a one-time thing; once you have determined that a certain variety/brand of rice is free from arsenic, you can continue to buy your rice from those sources. 

Cook in the Safest Cookware 

Once you make sure you have the best quality rice free from toxins, the next important step is to choose a cookware that can cook that rice in the healthiest way possible: keeping it uncontaminated and nutritionally rich. Conventional cookware made from metals and ceramics are innately reactive so leach toxins while cooking, in addition, the harsh heat from these pots destroys essential nutrients like complex carbs. 

The cookware made from a time honored and natural material, unglazed primary clay (or pure clay) makes a great choice. Pure clay is 100% non-toxic NATURALLY so it doesn’t leach anything while cooking rice. On the contrary, its breathable walls can filter out toxins in the form of droplets while cooking food. 

Another health benefit of cooking in pure clay is, it cooks with unique far infrared heat – a unique gentle heat that is food-friendly and keeps nutrients intact. Rice cooked in pure clay is rich in a balance of simple and complex carbs, so your body is never deprived of essential nutrients. 

Cooking rice in the safest cookware made from pure clay is the only way to make sure the carefully chosen rice you eat is safe and healthy. If you are looking to buy a pure clay pot for your kitchen, you can get one from Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering company in the US that has been selling the healthiest pots and pans hand-made from pure clay and shipping them worldwide through their online store: MEC Store.  


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