Slow cooking doesn’t have to be “Slow” anymore!! Learn about the ancient art of cooking very healthy meals faster!


The practice of using a slow cooker for certain recipes originated for two main reasons – first, the convenience of cooking without babysitting, and secondly, the belief that slow cooking is good for nutrients in food. This is why people frequently adopt slow cooking for recipes like bone broth. 

Though conventional slow cooking may seem a great invention, looking a little deeper you will find that it’s not as beneficial as it seems: –  

Conventional Crock Pot: An Ideal Slow Cooker or not? 

A conventional crock pot typically uses a pot made from metal or ceramic – both of which leach during cooking and contaminate food! This is due to the fact that all metals are innately reactive so they react to food’s nutrients with heat being a catalyst. Moreover, toxic materials containing lead and cadmium and the like are used in the glazes which makes it obvious that the food cooked it in can never be healthy! 

Also, the harsh near infrared heat from such pots destroys delicate nutrients in food even at low heat and makes it nutritionally depleted. Thus, you may be using the most expensive crock pot but if it uses metal/ceramic pots inside, it is cooking nutritionally depleted and contaminated food for you. 

The Ancient Art of “Faster” and Healthier Slow Cooking 

We may have managed to do certain things better than our ancestors but unfortunately, cooking is not one of them. Cooking pots were essentially made from natural clay and not metals, alloys or any other such materials. The historical artefacts found buried from great ancient civilizations are evidence of this fact. 

Using an all-natural material that is free from toxins and completely inert, for making cooking pots and pans was one of the wisest traditions of humankind.  The cookware made from unglazed primary clay (or pure clay) are the healthiest and best choice for slow cooking recipes.  

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering all-American company makes pure clay pots and pans in the US using raw material sourced from the US, and ships them worldwide. They are made in the exact same way our ancestors who honored and valued food and cooking used to make them. 

MEC pots and pans can cook all those 10-18-hour recipes in a minimum of 40 minutes to 2 hours (max), no loss of nutrients and no toxins in the food — What a difference!!  

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All these reasons and the natural taste of your healthy and nutritious food makes MEC the ideal “fast” slow cooker. Head over to MEC Store and order a pot today and enjoy the difference! Your health will thank you, just as ours does today! 🙂 


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