Use your lead free slow cooker on stove-top


Slow cookers are highly convenient, we can’t argue with that. You add all the ingredients at the beginning and program the slow cooker without any need to babysit the food. It’s the whole “set and forget” extravaganza. But metal slow cookers are poisoning you and your family. The heavy metals in their composition and all the toxins leach right into your food.

That’s why we’ve designed our MEC clay pot to work as a slow cooker as well. Its special design features allow the pot to be used for hours and hours of slow cooking, just like any other machine out there. Now you can get the best of both: all the advantages of a regular slow cooker in a safe, 100% non-toxic pure clay pot.

How to slow cook with MEC

Our MEC lead free slow cooker can be used in the oven, on stove-top and even in a crock machine. We have different sizes of pots that fit in various crock machines. Click here to see the corresponding sizes.

REMEMBER: Before you use your MEC pot as a slow cooker, be sure to use it 4 or 5 times for shorter recipes that take less than 1 hour to cook. And don’t forget to use a heat diffuser!

How to slow cook on stove-top

The great advantage of using our lead free slow cooker on the stove-top is that you can cook at moderate heat, as opposed to hours and hours of low heat which is what you need to do with a regular, metal slow cooker. So, even if you’re virtually “slow cooking”, the actual cooking time can be cut in half for some recipes.

Regardless of what you’re making, you can just add all the ingredients to the pot right from the start and place the MEC pot on the stove. Start the stove at low heat and after about 10 minutes, increase to medium.

You don’t need to babysit the pot or stir the food or anything. Simply let the food cook at medium heat for half an hour or 40 minutes. If making bone broth, which usually takes longer to cook, allow it 1 hour on medium heat.

Finally, reduce the stove to low heat and let the food cook until it’s fully done. It’s very simple and since you now have a lead free, 100% pure clay slow cooker, your food will not only taste delicious, but also retain all the nutrients and vitamins.

A versatile slow cooker

Your MEC pot is not just a terrific lead free slow cooker, but also a highly versatile piece of cookware. You can use it to cook on stove-top, as described above, to bake, to cook in the oven and even to use as in insert in a crock machine. There are hundreds of recipes and various cooking styles that the pot lends itself to.