We’re Open and Functional | What we’re Doing About COVID-19?


Update 4/28/2020:

Shipping is delayed by 7-10 days because of shortage of staff during this time.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

As the covid-19 crises is changing the world as we know it, we’re here to make and ship 100% healthy and non-toxic cookware to those who need it, especially during this time.

We understand one of the best ways to fight to defeat the sickness is to strengthen our immune system, and we are here to do our part to help you cook your healthiest food to feed and build strong immunity.

Here are the steps we’re taking to make sure we are all safe:

1. We’re practicing what we preach! All of us are well nourished everyday with healthy food from MEC clay pots. We’re also drinking plenty of water and taking breaks in the fresh spring air of Boston.

2. At Miriams Earthen Cookware, the safety of our employees is very important. Social distancing protocols are followed at all times.

3. Cleanliness and hygiene is on the top of our list: MEC is a clean and well ventilated enjoyable place to work!

4. Your orders are packed and shipped right after firing! Firing the pots and pans to over 2000 degree Fahrenheit makes it probably the most highly disinfected product you can get your hands on!

5.They’re proudly made in America with 100% primary clay harvested in the USA! Nothing is imported. Cookware like this is as local as it can get. Our clay is harvested once every 2 years. Packing materials are purchased once a year — all of this was done long before the COVID-19 breakout.

Interested in getting your own to enjoy the health benefits of cooking in these 100% healthy and non-toxic pots and pans? Visit our store!