What difference can a 100% non-toxic Rice cooker make to your Rice and other grains?


Cooking rice and grains in the healthiest way possible can make a huge difference to you and your family’s health. Rice and grains are an important part of any meal because of their taste, nutritional value, and the flexibility to combine them with different vegetables and meat. Despite all the health value these nutrient rich foods have to offer, cooking them in metals or ceramics can take away all of that. Therefore, a non-toxic rice cooker like Miriam’s Earthen Cookware’s (MEC) pure clay pot is the best choice, why? Keep reading to find out: 

MEC keeps grains 100% non-toxic 

MEC’s all-natural pure clay pots are completely non-toxic and non-reactive to food. They maintain the integrity of food by not leaching in and reacting to nutrients (like conventional pots). 

MEC can cook non-sticky rice without oil or additives 

MEC’s best rice cooker cooks with unique far infrared heat that penetrates deep into grains and cooks evenly and thoroughly. When grains are perfectly cooked (not undercooked or overcooked), they turn out non-sticky, fluffy and each grain separate from one another. There is no need to add any oil or additives. 

Rice cooks more nutritious and delicious in pure clay 

Cooking rice with food friendly far-infrared heat ensures they are cooked with just the right kind of heat keeping the most delicate nutritional cells, like complex carbs intact. This also preserves all its flavor. Therefore, when cooked in MEC, rice cooks more nutritious and delicious. 

Why keeping nutrients intact is important? 

Rice and most grains are rich in a balance of simple and complex carbs. When cooked with harsh near infrared heat from metals or ceramics, the delicate complex carbs are destroyed. When the body is regularly supplied with only simple carbs, there is a spike in sugar levels in the body. Without a good source of complex carbs, the pancreas cannot produce quality insulin. Both these issues are contributing factors to diabetes.  How cooking in MEC has helped prevent and heal diabetes is explained in detail here…  

Where to get the best rice cooker? 

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US based company that has been making healthy rice and grains cookers from pure clay. Their pots and pans that are individually handcrafted are available for sale through their online store and are delivered around the globe. Interested in cooking healthy, nutritious, and delicious grains in the best rice cooker? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today! 


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