Why Your MEC Pot Makes a Great Pressure Cooker


A pressure cooker is a piece of kitchenware that’s made up of a pot, usually metal, and a lid that locks perfectly, allowing you to cook under pressure. Although conventional pressure cookers are made from stainless steel or aluminum, by now we have sufficiently reinforced the argument of how dangerous and harmful for our health these metal kitchen dishes are.

Pressure cooking is, after all, what you may call forceful cooking, because by locking all that steam inside, the food is forced to cook under excessive amounts of heat and pressure. Therefore, the reactive metals that make up the conventional cookers leach into the food because of the high heat, destroying the nutrients in the food and poisoning your body. The best pressure cooker then would be one that can cook by naturally condensing steam and without leaching the pots own metals and chemicals into your food.

The MEC Pressure Cooker:

Our 100% pure clay pot is so versatile that it can be used for so many types of cooking, including pressure cooking. When designing our pots, we give both the pot and its lid special features that allow it to naturally condense and keep the steam inside while cooking. That makes it a perfect pressure cooker. The fact that it’s made entirely out of pure clay, with absolutely NO CHEMICALS, TOXINS or METALS, makes it the best pressure cooker on the market.

The lid of our MEC pot has no holes in it, as you might see in the ones of regular pressure cookers. This is because after the steam is gradually built within the pot, there is no need for it to be released. When releasing that steam, all the nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals in your food are gone. The design of our MEC pot and lid was created as to keep all those nutrients and send them right back into your food.

Pressure Cooking With Your MEC Pot

You can make a great deal of dishes and delicious foods with your MEC pot as a pressure cooker, such as lentils, soaked dry beans, vegetables and more. All the ingredients are added to the pot at the very beginning with enough water to cover them, but not as much as you’d add in a metal one. You need to start the stove at low and then increase to medium and let the food cook at that heat. There is no need to go to high and that’s a great benefit of our MEC pots – they save you lots of energy.

Depending on what you are cooking, using your MEC pot as a pressure cooker might take more or less time than cooking with a regular, metal pot. Lentils and vegetables, for example, might take less, but tough beans and meats might take a little longer. Also, if your pot is brand new, then the cooking time may be a little longer for any recipe, but after using it a few times, the time frames will be reduced.

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