Best pots and pans to cook healthy fish dishes


Fish is among the most nutritious and healthiest foods on the planet. It is particularly rich in proteins, minerals, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. These are crucial for optimal body and brain function. Therefore, most nutritionists recommend eating fish at least once or twice a week to meet your omega-3 requirements. Unlike many other non-vegetarian foods, fish is a heart-healthy food. Although omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for all humans, it is especially important for pregnant and breastfeeding women to get enough. After all, it is essential for growth and development of the baby.

For all these reasons, including fish dishes in your diet can be greatly beneficial in the long run. But there are certain things to keep in mind when you are eating fish.

Things to keep in mind when eating fish

Some fish are high in mercury, which is linked to brain developmental problems. Thus, eating low-mercury fish is better, such as salmon, sardines, and trout.

Another important thing is to avoid raw and uncooked fish because it may contain microorganisms that can cause health issues, especially for the fetus.

Last but not least, you must pay attention to how you cook your fish dishes. Using a healthy cookware can go a long way in making sure you are getting all the healthy benefits of eating fish.

Using a reactive cookware like metal or ceramic pots can leach and contaminate your fish dishes and damage nutrients. And eating such food regularly can do more harm than good in the body.

Moreover, such cookware radiates harsh near infrared heat that may not cook your fish thoroughly and evenly, leaving parts of it uncooked. If you try to overcome this issue by cooking at high temperature or for longer duration, the harsh heat can destroy nutrients.

This makes it crucial to cook fish in a healthy cooking pot. Keep reading to learn about the best option.

Best pots and pans to cook healthy fish dishes

As discussed above, we need a cooking pot that does not leach so our fish remains 100% non-toxic. Since metals are innately reactive to the food being cooked, and toxic coatings and enamels only make matters worse, we need to look for an alternative to metals and chemical laden ceramics. One great alternative is cooking your fish in MEC pots and pans.

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US based company that makes cookware from lab tested primary clay. The makers do not use any additives, glazes or enamels. And keep their pots as pure and non-toxic as the raw material.

Cooking fish dishes in MEC makes sure there is no leaching so there is no contamination of your food. On the contrary, these pots are known to push out existing toxins from food and water through their semi-porous walls while cooking.

Also, unlike metals and ceramics, MEC radiates gentle far infrared heat that penetrates deep into your food and cooks thoroughly at low heat and in less time. This food-friendly heat also preserves the nutrients in your food. As a result, your fish dishes cook healthy, nutritious, and delicious. They retain the natural taste and aroma of the ingredients.

With MEC pots, you can cook a variety of healthy fish dishes. You may try steamed trout, zesty salmon, Mediterranean fish, prawn, salmon, cod, and anchovy bake, and many more. Head over to our online store and order a pot today to make sure you receive all the health benefits fish has to offer.

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