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Did you ever notice what happens to the steam while cooking food? And what is steam in the first place? How important is it to the value of the food you’re cooking? And why is it important to choose better cooking pots that can condense this steam? Let’s Find out:

What is Steam? 

The steam leaving a pot is essentially the water-soluble nutrients in the food. Out of the 13 essential vitamins and minerals, 9 are water-soluble.  That means these are nutrients the body needs anew every day. The body does not store them and requires a certain dose of these nutrients every day from your food.  These nutrients affect and influence a plethora of reactions in the body: like maintaining proper nervous system function, normal appetite, good vision, healthy skin, building genetic material, production of normal red blood cells and so much more. 

What are steam vents and why do we need them? 

Unfortunately, conventional cookware lets all the steam out right from the start of cooking.  In fact, most of them come with lids with steam vents because if the steam is not let out during cooking it could damage the pots.

A typical cooking pot is made from metal or ceramic material and during cooking, the whole pot and lid get hot first before the food can get cooking. Since the lids are also very hot, steam is constantly let out.  And as a safety measure, the steam vent allows for it to go out so the pressure does not destroy the pot.  

Also, the harsh heat that these materials radiate lets food to break down and release steam just a few minutes into cooking. 

Is There An Alternative – Yes! All-Natural Better Cooking Pots That Can Condense Steam Naturally. 

The better cooking pots made from pure clay, a naturally non-toxic material radiate far-infrared heat that cooks food almost to completion before steam can be released. Because it’s a natural material, the food gets hot right after the bottom of the pot is heated and even before the rest of the pot can get hot.  As a result, the lid remains cool for the longest time to naturally condense the rising steam when it is eventually released. 

When steam rises from food, it touches the inner surface of the lid and condenses there and it settles back into the food instead of escaping the pot.  

Food cooked this way is not only Rich in Water-soluble nutrients but also comes with other perks:

The food cooked in these better cooking pots made from pure clay is rich in water-soluble nutrients and nourishes your body on a daily basis – no more nutritional deficiencies! So next time you decide to buy the best pots and pans choose the one that naturally condenses steam and keeps water-soluble nutrients locked – pure clay pots 

This unique feature not only allows for food to be rich in nutrients, the steam retained means adding less water and preventing further dilution of nutrients.  

Added to this, the food does not get dry and sticky, it remains moist and juicy and the pot when done cooking is easy to clean.  

It is time we understand the importance of steam management while cooking, otherwise, we will stay deficient in these essential water-soluble nutrients or will have to get them from pills (which have many side-effects and may not be as useful as we think). So, while choosing the better cooking pots, choose the ones that can retain steam in the food. 

Hear from MEC Cooks from around the World:

How I Use My MEC

FOR SLOW COOKER i recommend put a MEC in your slow cooker instead of the original stoneware that the slow cooker comes with (because one never knows whats in those mass produced moulds). I found that 3-in-1 slow cooker takes in medium size MEC. Also, Rival 5 qt crockpot accommodates medium size MEC. Place a diffuser under your clay pot and replace the clay lid with a glass or metal one for tight closure and prepare most nourishing stews. Here is my favorite recipe (created by yours truly) First line the bottom of MEC with chopped onions. Then put 2 cups of broth (beef, chicken or turkey or combination of any two); add 1 pounds of turkey meat (Whether thigh or breast, its all good). Add brown rice (same volume as the Turkey breast). Add strips of 3 dried apricots and about 6 cranberries. Optional (a and b): a. Put 1 tablespoon grated fresh horseradish or pepper to taste. b. Add 1 Teaspoon of crushed bayleaf. Add water to the liquids of the pots, to allow the liquids, in total, to reach same height in pot as the turkey breast and rice. Drizzle 2 tablespoons of olive oil on top. Cover with either MEC lid or glass lid. Let it cook (2 hours on low heat over gas stove) or 3 hours on high in a slow cooker. Before you serve, add crushed cumin. The natural clay imparts a taste and aroma that only a good quality clay cookware can! I cant think of my kitchen without my favorite pots - Miriam's Earthen Cookwares! Thank you Miriam!!!
- Aubrey, NY

Finally Something Absolutely Healthy...

Finally something absolutely healthy on the market. I use to love slow cookers but there was too much of lead leaking into my food. As longer there was a finished glazed ,lead (it’s part of the glazed chemicals that EVERY ceramic company use) was leaking when the pot was hot. Most stainless steel pots that are made in China leak nickel and aluminum as well (go figure?!). Miriam cookware is AMAZING!! The food that I cook in the 3 pots I bought from her is delicious and absolutely healthy. On top of it Miriam have great warranty and great customer service.
- Tatiana Iordanova

My Family And I Are So Grateful

My family and I are so grateful we discovered Miriams Earthenware pots. We were looking for a way to cook bone broth and other slow cookery meals without the potentially harmful effects of lead and other chemicals in crock pots. Their cookware goes beyond my wildest expectations. Besides feeling confident about the safety and health benefits of cooking with clay cookware, the dishes are incredibly delicious and richer and the cooking time is greatly reduced. I love the recipes they have on their website and can't wait for a cookbook. The customer service is also amazing!
- Victoria Behar