Why a Pure Clay Dutch Oven is the Best Choice for You?


If you’re reading this you’re probably someone who cares about your health and are aware of the importance of cookware in relation to food. Read on to find out why you should buy Dutch oven made from 100% pure clay and how is it the safest pot to cook your food…

For something to be the best, it has to fully serve its purpose. With Dutch ovens, the ideal one would cook your food in the healthiest way possible. A Dutch oven is most useful cookware in a kitchen. It is flexible and you can use it to prepare a variety of dishes. Some even work both in the oven and on the stove top. When you choose the perfect Dutch oven, it is natural to look for the right shape, size or weight of the cookware. It should be easy to cook with and to serve. But there is an even more important aspect to look for:

Before You Buy Dutch Oven, Check Its Material

It may be a little surprising but the raw material it’s made of is really the most important thing for cooking. Food is a biochemical entity. When it’s breaking down in the presence of high heat, it’s normal for metal ions (almost all conventional Dutch oven are made from metals) from the pot to leach in.

Why MEC is The Right Choice for Healthy Dutch Ovens

Miriams Earthen Cookware is on a mission to bring to you Dutch ovens made from the healthiest material — 100% tested and certified pure-clay. These pots are guaranteed to have no lead, no cadmium, no arsenic, No toxins what-so-ever. They can cook all your food in the safest way possible and without destroying nutrients. When you buy Dutch oven made from pure clay, you are also doing good for the environment. (Read how MEC cookware are eco-friendly)

Buy Dutch oven handmade from 100% tested clay

Customers Speak…

A truly great product always has good reviews from real customers. For this reason, MEC periodically contacts customers who have used the products for a minimum of 2 months to write reviews.

This is what a customer recently said on Google reviews about cooking in these pots:

“They are fantastic! I love them much and enjoy cooking. Having healthy cookware is such blessing for me. I love that the fact I can just put them in refrigerator(after cooled down). No more wrap or moving food to another container! …food taste delicious and delicious. I don’t think I can cook with other cookware anymore. Also I am noticing if I use MEC I do not eat too much. I think because I am more nurtured. My body is full, satisfied and happy with little amount of food. Body always speak the truth! Before MEC I was eating whatever in the fridge and still felt hungry. I would love to keep using them everyday.

And I thank Miriam and and people who created MEC. I feel much love.”

Also, MEC has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google.  You can read Google reviews here.

Explore the pages of our site to learn more out this extremely healthy way of cooking. Visit our store to get your own and have it shipped to your door. We urge you to embark on this journey today. You will not regret!