Choosing A Pressure Cooker: Look For All-Natural, Non-Toxic & Healthy - Archived


A pressure cooker basically works by locking steam inside and cooking food with steam pressure. Before the pot is opened, however, all this steam needs to release… The food cooks quickly so it saves time, which is why this cooking method is popular. When it comes to choosing the best pressure cooker, it is important to choose an all-natural, non-toxic and healthy one because the conventional ones have certain issues that make them really unhealthy:

Choosing the best pressure cooker: Let it be non-metal

A conventional pressure cooker pot is typically made from metal which is a huge setback if you are hoping to cook healthy. All metals are reactive – they leach, react and get into food at cooking temperatures.  These metal ions are toxins that enter your gut system and accumulate in tissues, organs, and blood. They form the foundation for many diseases, hormonal imbalance, and a compromised immune system. 

Choosing the best pressure cooker: Let it condense steam naturally

With the conventional, steam is released through vents before you can open the pressure cooker lid. The steam from food is water-soluble nutrients – they can’t be stored in the body like fat-soluble nutrients. So it needs them from food on a daily basis. As the steam is lost, the food is left deficient in these essential nutrients. 

Choosing the best pressure cooker: Let it Cook by preserving nutrients

Another issue: the heat from the metal walls of the pot destroys delicate nutrients like complex carbs and phytonutrients. This leaves a shortage of nutrients in your cooked food. This imbalance of nutrients further lays the foundation for many illnesses, one such disease is diabetes — caused by disproportionate levels of simple and complex carbs in food. 

Pressure Cooking With MEC’s PureClay 

Cooking food in MEC’s all-natural and 100% non-toxic unglazed clay pot is the answer to these problems. Pure clay is an inert material so it’s not reactive to food. The heat, in this case, is food-friendly and cooks gently by preserving all the nutrients. 

MEC’s pure clay pots are ergonomically designed to lock steam naturally so the steam, instead of being freely released, is condensed on the inner surface of the lid (which stays cooler than the pot) and keeps falling back into the food, preserving the water-soluble nutrients for you! 

And Best of all these pots can be used for many different types of cooking – it’s a rice and grains cooker, yogurt makerDutch oven and so much more. 

How to use MEC’s Pure Clay pots for Pressure Cooking: 

All you have to do is add ingredients to the pot (lentils, beans, meat or vegetables) with enough water (1/2 cup less than what you might add in a metal pressure cooker). Close the lid and start the stove on low. In 5-7 minutes increase to medium heat. Periodically check for progress. Turn the stove off when done.

Everything you cook in it turns out extra delicious, nutrition-rich and smells great. And everything cooked in them stays warm for 4x longer!  Interested in trying this healthy way of pressure cooking? Visit MEC Store and order your all-natural and healthy pressure cooker today!