Cooking Moong dal, also known as Mung bean, for infants in MEC healthiest cookware: There are many benefits and nutrients that lentil has to offer to growing babies


Is it time to introduce your little one to solid food? If so, Moong Dal is an ideal food to start with. Based on data from USDA, the nutritional composition of moong dal/lentils is similar to mother’s milk. Keep reading to learn how this great food can do wonders for your baby’s growth and why you must cook it in MEC healthiest cookware.

The benefits of Moong Dal for babies

Moong dal has protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, sodium, calcium, iron, carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

The high protein in moong dal can contribute to your baby’s hair, skin, nails and overall growth. The green husk of this lentil is rich in soluble fiber that aids in digestion. The resistant starch in it also promotes digestive health.

In addition, the rich iron content increases blood circulation and prevents anemia. It also has folate which boosts bone marrow and brain function.

Because of its texture and nutritive value, moong dal water is an ideal weaning food for your baby. You may begin with moong dal water and then slowly transition to soft-cooked moong dal dishes, like soup, porridge, khichari etc.

And we know you wouldn’t want to risk losing all the nutrients moong dal has to offer during cooking, which is why, you need MEC. Keep reading to find out why.

The need for the healthiest cookware for baby food

Conventional cookware made from metals or ceramics, including non-stick varieties have one thing in common – they all leach toxins and damage nutrients. Why? Because they are made from reactive materials like metals, their alloys, or secondary or tertiary clay laden with chemicals. The impurities in these substandard quality clay varieties and the added chemicals make such cookware toxic.

As heat acts as a catalyst during cooking, these toxic materials react to nutrients in food and form toxic compounds.. Moreover, they all radiate harsh near infrared heat which destroys nutrients. As a result, when cooking in conventional cookware, your baby’s food gets contaminated with toxins and lacks nutritive value that foods like moong dal can offer. Therefore, you must cook in nothing but MEC’s primary clay cookware for it is 100% non-toxic and preserves nutrients. Keep reading to discover how this is possible:.

What makes MEC the healthiest cooking pot

MEC stands for Miriams Earthen Cookware – a pioneering all-American cookware brand that offers cooking pots and pans made from lab tested primary clay. They harvest the purest quality of natural clay (primary clay) from at least 20 feet below ground where it is free from impurities and tailings. This raw material is naturally inert (non-reactive), and the makers make sure their pots turn out as healthy as the raw material.

They do not add or remove anything from the clay, nor modify it in any way, to maintain its integrity. There are no additives, chemicals, glazes or enamels used in the process. Moreover, they make pots by throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and shaping it using skillful hands. In contrast, a machine-based manufacturing process would essentially require use of chemicals. And this would be going against one of MEC’s core values of making the cookware non-toxic.

And the result of MEC’s handcrafted cookware is 100% non-toxic healthy cooking pots that can cook moong dal and other baby foods in the healthiest way possible. Additionally, these pots cook with gentle far infrared heat that preserves even the most delicate nutrients like flavonoids. This unique heat cooks food thoroughly and evenly at low heat while the ingredients retain their natural flavor and aroma.

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