Nutritious Meal: The Value of Steam in Food and How to Preserve it?


Nutritious Meal: The Value of Steam in Food and How to Preserve it?

You are cooking your favorite pot of soup, carefully chosen ingredients, an assortment of spices and herbs, all put  together meticulously.  Now you’re waiting and watching how even with the lid closed so much steam is escaping the pot!  What is this steam, it’s from your food so it has to be part of the nutrients, right? YES! So, how can you cook by preserving this valuable component? A truly nutritious meal must contain the maximum amount of nutrients from food.  All the steam leaving your pot is essentially water-soluble vitamins – out of 13 essential vitamins, 9 are water-soluble: 

  1. Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
  2. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
  3. Vitamin B3 (niacin)
  4. Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)
  5. Vitamin B6
  6. Vitamin B7 (biotin)
  7. Vitamin B9
  8. Vitamin B12 (cobalamin)
  9. Vitamin C 

A Nutritious Meal must include these water soluble nutrients, why?

Because they are so important to your body as they play a crucial role in many functions like the conversion of nutrients into energy, maintain blood pressure, cellular function, the formation of red blood cells, forming DNA matter, and several other metabolic functions. Unlike fat-soluble vitamins, they are not stored in the body and are needed from food on a regular basis. In food, they are present in the water component of foods and escape as steam. Thus, for healthy cooking, steam management is an important aspect that must not be overlooked. Interested in finding out how to cook while preserving steam? Keep reading… 

Why is so much of it lost during cooking?

First, lets see why so much of it is lost while cooking? Most conventional cookware made from metals or ceramics cook with harsh heat which cause food to break down rapidly to release steam right from the start of the cooking process. When steam pressure gets too high, the obvious way is to release it through vents or the pot might explode. What if there is a way to cook food in the same time with gentle heat while keeping steam inside the pot? 

How To preserve it to make a truly nutritious meal?

Cooking a nutritious meal is possible in pure clayThe problem with conventional cookware is the material used. By choosing a healthier material like pure clay, one can change the way steam is handled while cooking. Pure clay cooks with gentle far infrared heat that is food friendly – it penetrates deep into each grain and cooks food thoroughly. This type of cooking is so gentle that steam is not released till when the food is almost done.

Also, the center of the lid stays cooler than the pot all this while. So when steam finally does rise, it condenses on the inner surface of the lid where the temperature is lower and falls back into food. 

By preserving steam, the essential water-soluble nutrients are also saved! Your body is nourished on a daily basis, your body functions become more efficient and you feel more energetic due to increased strength and stamina. 

Preserving steam also keeps the food moist, thus there is no need to add water and dilute taste and nutrients, so your food is not just healthier but it tastes better as well. Most recipes can be cooked by adding all ingredients at one time into the pot and check back later for doneness, isn’t it great? 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hi, this is Sachin and I hope you liked reading my article. Steam plays an important role in keeping food nutrition rich and healthy while also enhancing the taste and aroma. If you haven’t experienced cooking your food in the healthiest cookware, head over to MEC and order a pure clay pot now! 

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