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Have you ever tried pressure cooking in pure clay? If you haven’t, you are missing out on the healthiest, most nutritious and delicious food cooked using the unique steam management feature of pure clay cookware. But how can a clay pot that has no vents, no tight-fitting lid, be used for pressure cooking that necessarily requires steam to be locked within the pot for cooking food? Let’s find out: 

Pressure Cooking in Pure Clay: What happens to the steam? 

Pure clay radiates unique far infrared heat that causes the lid to stay cooler than the rest of the pot during cooking. This lets the steam rising from the food to condense on the inner side of the lid and fall back into food.  Unlike conventional cookware, pure-clay does not force lock steam (which could destroy delicate nutritional cells), instead it naturally manages steam very efficiently as explained above.  There is no other cookware with such excellent steam management feature

How is Pressure Cooking in Pure Clay keeps food healthy? 

Conventional pressure-cooking pots are typically made from metals and are innately reactive and leach metal ions (toxins) while cooking. Also, the extreme steam pressure and harsh near-infrared heat (metalic heat) destroys nutrients and, the natural taste of food is lost forever. To make matters worse, steam (water-soluble nutrients) must be released through vents in the lid before the pot can be opened! Which is why, cooking food in a conventional metal pressure cooker makes it toxic, nutrition-deficient and tasting blah… 

Pure clay is entirely different in the way it treats your food. First, pure clay (unglazed primary clay) is 100% non-toxic and naturally inert so it doesn’t leach. Secondly, it cooks using far-infrared heat that keeps nutrients intact. And lastly, as the food is cooked with the right amount of heat and with all the delicate nutrients like phytonutrients and flavonoids intact, you get to experience the natural taste and wonderful, wholesome flavor of good food! 

Where to find a Pure Clay Pressure Cooker? 

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a pioneering company based in the US that makes pots and pans using pure clay using raw material also sourced from the US with no additives/chemicals/glazes/enamels. They sell 100% non-toxic (tested and certified) and healthy pressure cooking pure clay pots through their online store and ship worldwide. 

GO ahead and try one today: Head over to MEC Store and order your pure clay pot today to experience healthy pressure cooking minus the leaching! 


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