Making summer desserts healthier in the best Dutch oven


Whether you are making a dump cake, summer cobbler, or rice pudding, using a Dutch oven is the way to go. Read on to learn why this cooking method works well when cooking these desserts and which Dutch oven is the best.

What makes a Dutch oven the perfect cookware for summer desserts?

A Dutch oven is a special piece of cookware that comes with additional abilities. It provides constant, even, and multi-directional radiant heat. The heavy material construction of Dutch ovens helps in conducting heat well and can keep food warm for long periods of time. These features make it great for frying, braising, few hours of simmering, and stewing. But they are also perfect for baking cakes, cobblers, and other summer desserts. You can use it both on stove top and in the oven. For all these reasons, it is often called a workhorse in the kitchen.

Is there a catch? Keep reading to find out.

The issues with a conventional Dutch oven

A conventional Dutch oven is typically made from metals, their alloys, or ceramics. And we know that metals are innately reactive, so they leach ions while cooking. These combine with nutrients and form toxic compounds that contaminate food. The chemical laden ceramics is no different for it leaches in the same way as metals, if not more.

These radiate harsh near infrared heat that destroys nutrients and diminishes the nutritional value of your desserts. Consequently, you never get to enjoy the true flavor of your ingredients because of the lack of nutrients.

Also, because of the heavy constructions, a conventional Dutch oven does the best it can to spread out heat evenly throughout the pot, but the near infrared heat starts cooking food from outside. This always leaves a chance that your cake may be less cooked at the center than it is on the outside.

And lastly, you need to use a lot of oil for lubrication especially when baking. This prevents the food from sticking but this oil breaks down into unhealthy trans-fat when exposed to direct heat.

Therefore, you do not get 100% healthy and nutritious food. Keep reading to learn about a better alternative that can cook your summer desserts much healthier.

Make your summer desserts healthier with the best Dutch oven

As evident from the issues above, the real culprit here is the material used to make a Dutch oven. Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US-based company that realized these issues caused by conventional materials and came up with an alternative. They use lab tested primary clay to make pots and pans without using any additives, chemicals, or glazes. Keep reading to learn how this unique material avoids the issues explained above.

MEC clay is naturally inert so there is no risk of leaching. As nothing is added or removed from the clay while making cookware, the pot turns out 100% non-toxic like the raw material.

MEC pot radiates unique far infrared heat that cooks food from the inside out. It penetrates deep into food and cooks evenly and thoroughly. This means your cakes will be well cooked through and through.

This gentle heat keeps even the most delicate nutrients intact. Therefore, the natural aroma and flavor of your ingredients is preserved. And you are nourished with all the nutrients your food has to offer.

A fully seasoned MEC pot is naturally non-stick which means you do not need to use any oil for lubrication. This makes your nutritious desserts even healthier because there is zero trans-fat.

With MEC, you can cook your summer desserts healthier, more nutritious, and delicious, and enjoy with your family. Want to try out those delicious cakes and cobblers in MEC? Head over to our online store and order a pot today!


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