What does it mean when you say the pot/pan is fully seasoned?


After the first seasoning it is recommended that you use them back-to-back for the next 3-5 uses to cook water-based vegetarian recipes. This helps the pot shrink slightly, preventing it from absorbing excessive moisture.

Water-based recipes include making rice, quinoa, vegetable soups, stews, cooking lentils/beans, pasta, steaming vegetables ,etc.  Avoid cooking meat or non-vegetarian dishes while they are in this process.  Once fully seasoned, you can use the pots to cook both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Avoid dry or semi-dry cooking like roasting, dry sautéing, etc. while still in this process, as well.

The pots are considered to be fully seasoned after it has been used this way for 3-5 regular uses!

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