Meet The Bean – Black Bean


Hello, I am Black Bean! I am also known as turtle bean because of my hard shell-like appearance. I am actually the edible seed of the plant and I come from the family of legumes. Like others in my family, I am rich in protein and fiber content. I can also benefit your health by supplying several other key vitamins and minerals.

I am very popular in vegetarian dishes like frijoles negros, burrito, feijoada, Moros y Cristianos and many others. People also like to use me as a key ingredient in soups. Trust me, they are all delicious and nutritious!

I am proud to list the ways I can keep you healthy: by keeping the bones healthy, lowering blood pressure, managing diabetes, protecting from heart diseases, preventing cancer, and aiding in digestion and weight loss. Ain’t I impressive?

While you go out to buy me, please keep these things in mind:

  1. I am best when I am fresh, or sun dried.  When canned or frozen– you may find it convenient to cook me but some of my nutrients are gone!
  2. Avoid buying me when I am broken or you see tiny pinholes in me. These may indicate bug infestation. Buy only as much as you need in a month.
  3. I am best when I am aged but the older I am, the longer I will take to cook (in conventional pots).
  4. If you buy me in dried form, you must first soak me overnight (if cooking in conventional pots), then cook and enjoy my goodness.
  5. The method of cooking greatly affects my health, please use a healthy and 100% non-toxic pure clay cookware. This will not only preserve my nutritional value but will also make it easier to cook me. And you need to try me to get the final surprise – the great taste! When cooked in these pots, I am not just the healthiest, you also don’t have to pre-soak me, or cook the aged me for longer.

Helpful hint: Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is a pioneering company that makes pure clay pots from tested all-natural clay without ANY additives, they make it by hand to keep it free of contaminants and chemicals!

Here is a useful recipe by Miriams Earthen Cookware that will help you get familiar with cooking me in pure clay:

Black Beans With Parsley 

Like my other recipes, this one is also very easy. It takes a preparation of just 10 minutes and a cooking time of 40 minutes and then you will be all set to enjoy me at my healthiest!

So, don’t wait any longer, get you pure-clay pot today and start cooking me in the healthiest way. You can also cook many other recipes and kinds of food in the same pot!