Black Beans With Parsley


Why not add a little green to pot for spring? Parsley is more than just for garnishing food it adds  excellent flavor just like any other herb.

Beans are an important part of any diet, they do more than just provide fiber, they are a source of  protein as well as complex carbohydrates and antioxidants. Despite the many benefits of legumes people avoid eating beans or cast them as a side dish.

Many fear the bean because of its reputation for causing excess gas. When cooking in healthy cookware like  your MEC pots it cooks with a gentler heat that  doesn’t break down the complex sugars (a known gas culprit) in beans as quickly and harshly as in metal pots. As a result the beans will not give one excess gas. Cooking dried beans (which is the most nutritious type) can be labor intensive, however with a pure-clay pot no soaking is needed for most beans (chickpeas and kidney beans need soaking) you just simply rinse (wash) and add to your pot to cook. Another benefit to this unique heat is that it allows the herbs and spices to penetrate deeper in the beans creating a much more flavorful dish.

This recipe brings beans into the  spotlight as an entree that can be served with a crusty roll or over a healthy serving of rice.