Making Slow Cooker Black-eyed Peas Healthier and More Nutritiously (and Other Beans, too!)


Black eyed peas are one of the most nutrition rich legumes. They improve digestion, lower blood pressure and boost overall health. No wonder people in some parts eat black eyed peas as a staple. However, there is one little problem. Like other beans, they are high in lectins.

What are Lectins?

Lectins are anti-nutrients that hamper absorption of nutrients and can potentially cause digestive disorders, like bloating or gas and damage to the gut wall. The best way to get rid of these is to soak beans overnight before slow cooking.

How to choose the right black-eyed peas

How nutritiously they cook also depends on what kinds of black-eyed peas you are using. Fresh black-eye peas are not commonly available, except in areas where they are grown. You may also get frozen black-eyed peas but they have a short shelf life.

Fresh black-eyed peas
Fresh black-eyed peas

The canned black eyed peas are a big no because they are processed and treated with artificial preservatives for increased shelf life. Most grocery stores carry dry black eyed peas, which is best variety available at most places.

If you are concerned about your health, you would want to go one step further and make them in the healthiest way possible. Keep reading to learn more.

How to slow cook black-eyed peas and other beans healthy and nutritious

A popular choice for home chefs is to use a crock pot for cooking black-eyed peas and other beans. To make them healthier, nutritious and flavorful, one must pay attention to the slow cooker material. Surprised? Let me explain.

Why slow cooker material is important

Food is a biochemical entity so it reacts with the cookware material while heat acts as a catalyst. A reactive cookware material can leach into food and contaminate it during cooking. Also, the nutrients in food are destroyed by the harsh near infrared heat (typically radiated by conventional cooking pots).

Crockpot black eyed peas
Crockpot black eyed peas

The modern crock pot or instant pot offers convenience but the pot is typically made from metal. All metals are innately reactive and thus, are unsafe for cooking. Therefore, it is better to use an inert cooking pot.

Which slow cooker is inert?

A US-based company, Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, found the answer to this question a decade ago when researching the healthiest cooking material. Among all known cookware materials, pure clay is the only all-natural material that is 100% non-toxic and can cook food without contaminating.

Miriam’s clay pots are individually handcrafted on a potter’s wheel without any additives, chemicals or glazes so the pot remains as pure and unreactive as the raw material. This also results in more nutrients remaining in the food.

These are excellent slow cookers that can cook black eyed peas and other beans right on your stovetop at low heat and in less time. And the best part – you no longer need to pre soak them!

Slow cooker black eyed peas
Slow cooker black eyed peas

Miriam’s uniquely hand-finished pure clay pots radiate gentle far infrared heat that cooks black eyed peas and other beans from inside out. Lectins break down in the process and even the most delicate nutrients like flavonoids remain intact. Miriams slow cooker black eyed peas recipe cooks 100% non-toxic and nutrient-rich food at low heat with less cooking time.

Cooked black eyed peas
Cooking black eyed peas

Moreover, Miriams clay pots are multifunctional so one pot can be used for a variety of delicious recipes, and you can use them on both gas and electric cooktops, and inside the oven.

Interested in eating black eyed peas that are slow cooked healthy and nutritiously? Head over to Miriams online store and order a clay pot today.

People May Ask:

How long does it take to cook pot black-eyed peas?

A typical slow cooker black eyed peas recipe calls for cooking 6 hours on high or 10 hours on low, provided you pre soak dried black eyed peas overnight.

However, there is no need to soak dried black eyed peas if you cook them in a Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) clay pot right on the stovetop, which takes about 1-1.5 hours.

Recipe Notes: For more flavor, add bay leaf after 20 minutes cooking time, add garlic for more flavor, and collard greens or turnip greens, if desired, after 40 minutes. Season with salt and black pepper and cayenne pepper. This makes a wonderful side dish or make it the main course and serve black-eyed peas over seasoned rice or with cornbread.


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