The World’s Best Cooking Pots & Pans are Made Right Here in the USA


The pots and pans we use are as fundamental as our other everyday things like clothes, shoes etc. and while we take time to choose the material of the cloths for health and other reasons, we often don’t investigate any such details about our cookware. Did you know that along with the cooking ingredients, the pots and pans also determine the health value of your meals every day? See in this article how this is true, which are the best cooking pots and pans and why: 

The commonly used materials for pots and pans are metals and their alloys, ceramics, and different kinds of clay. Are any of these materials capable of making the world’s best cooking pots and pans? Let’s find out: 

Metals and their Alloys 

All metals are innately reactive, so they leach metal ions at cooking temperature into food. This is why cooking pots made from metals and their alloys are not recommended for healthy cooking. Furthermore, they destroy most of the nutrients with their harsh near infrared heat. No matter how wisely you choose your healthy ingredients, food cooked in these pots turn of contaminated with metals and nutritionally lacking.  


Ceramics is sometimes referred to as ‘clay’ but it is actually far from it. Unlike natural clay, ceramics is synthetically prepared by mixing various chemicals and oxides, and is further coated with glazes and enamels to make it shiny and colorful. Ceramics may be good for making toilets or even decorative pots for your living room but when it comes to cooking, it cannot cook healthy and nutritious food and thus, cannot make the best cooking pots and pans


There are different varieties of clay but the best one is primary clay – it is the purest form of all-natural clay that is 100% non-toxic and when you manage to keep it free from chemicals and glazes while making the pots, it is the best raw material to make cookware.  

Pure clay is naturally inert so doesn’t leach while cooking. It cooks with gentle far infrared heat that preserves delicate nutrients in food. The ergonomically designed pots and pans also lock steam within the pot while cooking and preserve water-soluble nutrients. 

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a pioneering company based in the USA that has been making the world’s best cooking pots and pans from pure clay for more than a decade. Thousands of cooks have ditched unhealthy materials for pure clay and believe that MEC cooks the healthiest and most delicious food.  

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