Why Miriam’s Earthen Cookware makes the 1st choice for those looking for 100% non-toxic cookware


Food is one of the most important factors that determine our health. It strengthens and sustains life inside of us, so we must pay attention to the thing that directly affects the health of our food – the cookware! Nobody wants his/her food to be full of toxins, deficient in nutrients and lacking natural flavor & color, and this makes 100% non-toxic cookware a must have for any healthy kitchen.

100% Non-toxic Cookware – MEC makes the first choice! 

Miriam Earthen Cookware – a pioneering company based in the USA has been working for more than a decade to bring a truly 100% non-toxic cookware to every household. Using their core ingredient – pure clay (unglazed primary clay), MEC makes pots and pans that are designed keeping the many different aspects of cooking in mind: 

100% Non-toxic Cookware – MEC uses the healthiest raw material 

MEC uses pure clay as the raw material for making cookware unlike most conventional manufacturers who use metals, alloys, ceramics, etc. Metals are reactive to food’s nutrients and they leach toxins while cooking that over time cause detrimental changes to the body. 

On the other hand, pure clay is naturally free from all kinds of metal and chemical contaminants (see test results) making it the healthiest choice.

100% Non-toxic Cookware – MEC cooks with gentle heat 

Metals and ceramics cook food with harsh heat that destroys delicate but essential nutrients like complex carbs, flavonoids and phytonutrients. As a result, not only the natural color and taste of food is gone, it’s also deficient in these essential nutrients.

MEC’s pure clay cooks with gentle far infrared heat that preserves delicate nutrients and the difference can be noticed in the taste and color of the cooked food, and also in the way you feel full for longer now that the body is better nourished. 

100% Non-toxic Cookware – MEC is ergonomically designed 

While making conventional cookware, the manufacturers never worry about how the cookware design might affect steam. Vents are made to let out most of the steam! 

Steam is water-soluble nutrients that are needed by the body on a daily basis. If steam is lost during cooking, there is no other natural way for the body to get these much-needed nutrients. This is why MEC pots and lids are ergonomically designed so the lid stays cooler than the rest of the pot and lets steam condense on the inner surface to fall back into food. This way, all the water-soluble nutrients are locked within the food. 

There are numerous other benefits to cooking in this non-toxic cookware, like food cooks with less heat and in less time but stays warm for longer, can be used on different kinds of stoves and can cook all kinds of recipes like lentils, yogurt, broths, sautéing and stir-frying etc. Here are some of the experiences shared by MEC cooks who have been using this non-toxic cookware:

Never having used clay/earthen cookware before, I cannot believe what a difference this cookware has made in my family’s life. Buying three, I use one for general cooking-roasts, beans, one for yogurt-which changed my yogurt making forever-so creamy-so easy, and one for fresh water. I just can’t say enough positive things about this cookware. The safety testing of the clay, the information provided on the website and the packaging make this an amazing company.” 

– Judith 

“I love my MEC pots! Everything is so moist tender and delicious that I cook in it! Clean up is a breeze. I admit I was worried about clean up. But its a breeze to clean up. It also seems like the more you use the better it gets! I love that I don’t have to worry about chemicals and toxins cooking into my food! Thanks Miriam for putting your heart and soul into these great pots!” 

– Diane Bedlin 

“Enjoying every meal, I make on this cookware. I grew up cooking with clay pots, but sadly those pots were not free of contaminants. However, Miriam’s cookware is made free of contaminants and is nontoxic! So, spending the money on these nontoxic pots to cook my organic food is really is the best to insure that what I am putting into my body and that of my family is of the best quality possible. Taste can’t be beat. Everything is delicious and perfect. My son in Japan first bought Miriam’s cookware after a long search for such a product. Once he used MEC pots, he purchased 3 pots for me for my birthday this year. What a great gift and son. MEC Customer service is excellent as well. Within a few minutes of sending an email explaining a pot had some cracks in it, I received a call. My problem is being handled quickly and I will get my replacement pot soon. No company we have ever purchased anything from before has this quick, understanding, honest, and good customer service! Thank you MEC for living up to your high standards. I will be telling the rest of my family and friends to purchase your pots! Do yourself a favor, if you are looking to purchase pots, you found the right place at MEC. Buy them without fear. They really are excellent!” 

– Belinda 

Feel free to visit MEC website to read more feedback from customers and a plethora of information on pure clay cooking. To get a first-hand experience, visit MEC Store and order a clay pot for today!


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