With healthy cooking rapidly becoming the need of the hour, clay pot cooking is the way to go! Find out why?


For a long time, we have been living unhealthy lives. The current pandemic has made it evident that there is something seriously wrong with the kind of food we eat and the environment we live in. If only our immune systems were strong enough, this situation would be a lot less worrisome. 

In order to boost our immune system, we need healthy food and environment. While making the environment pollution-free would take a collective effort and long time, eating healthy food is something we can start right away. Although, most of us already believe we cook healthy because we use healthy ingredients, we could be unknowingly making a few mistakes, like using the wrong cookware:

Why conventional cookware doesn’t cook healthy 

The answer lies in the kind of raw material they are made from – metals, their alloys, and ceramics are innately reactive so they should not be used for cooking, which is a biochemical process. Cooking in reactive utensils causes leaching. And these toxins that leach from the pots get stored in the body causing the deterioration of the immune system and several other bodily functions.

Why clay pot cooking is the healthy alternative? 

Clay pot cooking is a time-tested method of healthy cooking because the raw material (pure clay) is 100% non-toxic and healthy. Although, many clay pot manufacturers rely on low quality clay (with impurities) and treat it with chemicals, glazes and enamels, pure clay cookware is not impossible to find. 

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering US based company offers handmade pots and pans, made from pure and natural primary clay (or pure clay). They strictly refrain from using any chemicals or toxic materials that may compromise on the health value of their clay pots – just the kind of cookware one needs for truly healthy cooking

MEC’s pure clay pots are 100% non-toxic and preserve nutrients by cooking with unique far infrared heat. They are ergonomically designed to manage steam (water soluble nutrients) so the food cooked in MEC is healthy, nutritious, and uncontaminated. 

Eating food cooked in MEC gradually improves the efficiency of organs and body functions. The toxins are cleansed out and the immune system gains strength to be able to fight infections and illnesses on its own. 

Interested in switching to healthy clay pot cooking? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today! 


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