Cooking healthy and delicious Spring Rice dishes in MEC: Why it is the best choice


Rice is a staple for people in all parts of the world. It is a rich source of healthy carbohydrates and can be combined with a vast variety of dishes like spring veggies, curries, chicken etc. Cooking spring rice dishes in Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) has many benefits related to the taste and health value of your dish. Let’s look at some popular spring rice dishes and the best way to cook them in MEC’s healthy pots.

Healthy and delicious spring rice recipes

You can enjoy spring rice as pulao, herbed spring rice pilaf, spring vegetable rice, spring rice with eggs, spring rice with peas and lemon, and so on. When have the best variety of rice and healthy ingredients to combine it with, sky is the limit to your imagination.

The healthy rice varieties are parboiled aged rice because they are unprocessed, free from additives and toxins. Cooking rice in conventional cookware renders it unhealthy because the reactive materials used in these cookware (like metals, ceramics, chemical glazes etc.) leach and contaminate rice. Also, the delicate complex carbs are destroyed because of the harsh heat. Therefore, you need to choose a cookware that doesn’t leach and preserves more nutrients. Keep reading to learn more.

Best way to cook spring rice dishes

The best way to cook rice dishes is cooking them in a 100% primary clay pot. MEC’s pots are made from lab tested all-natural primary clay so they are free from toxins. They radiate gentle far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into each grain and cooks thoroughly at low heat. Even the most delicate complex carbs are preserved. And your spring dishes turn out extra nutritious, more delicious and each grain separate from one another.

Cooking spring rice dishes in MEC is easy. Just add seasoning ingredients first, then veggies, cover and cook for some time. After that, you can add rice and water in the recommended ratio (usually 1:2) and cook until fully done. You can even turn the stove off a little before rice is fully done. Because food keeps cooking with the far-infrared heat retained in the pot. And your healthy and delicious spring rice is ready to serve.

Because of a balance of simple and complex carbs retained, this rice dish tastes better and keeps you full for longer. There is no fear of diabetes (see how cooking rice in MEC avoids risk of diabetes) that is a result of no complex carbs in your rice. And this is true not just for rice but any other healthy grain like quinoa, barley, oats, millet etc.

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