How to use a Dutch oven for breakfast cooking and get your day started in a healthy manner


For healthy living, your day must start with a healthy breakfast. While some consider the health value of a meal based on counting calories, other more enlightened healthy cooks understand how crucial a wholesome nutritious meal is. For the latter, instead of breaking out canned biscuits and pouring egg mixture into a metal pan, going that extra mile to cook healthy and non-toxic food makes more sense. Why not make a decision to learn a new way of cooking that will start your day with a high energy meal cooking in a Dutch oven pot? And why not start by choosing the healthiest Dutch oven out there? More on that below.

How to choose the healthiest Dutch oven

A healthy Dutch oven is made from a healthy material, not reactive metals and not chemical laden ceramics or enameled cookware. Metals and chemicals leach toxins and contaminate food. Moreover, the harsh near infrared heat radiating from these materials destroys most of the nutrients. Therefore, instead of a cast iron Dutch oven, or any metal based cookware, you must go for the one made from a non-toxic material. Which one is it? Discover below.

How Dutch oven cooking in Miriams is healthier

Miriams Earthenware is a US-based pioneering brand known for making cookware from lab tested primary clay without additives, chemicals, enamels or glazes. Primary clay is naturally nontoxic and Miriams Dutch ovens are handmade. This makes sure that the pots are as pure and healthy as the raw material (any mechanized process requires use of chemicals).

There are many under the hood features such as even heat distribution, cooking food from inside out on low heat and in less cooking time, the ability to retain nutrients including water soluble nutrients during cooking, flexibility to use on any heat source, and many more.

Dutch oven for breakfast cooking

These healthy features make Miriams Dutch ovens suitable for cooking hot cereals such as apple baked oatmeal, and other Dutch oven breakfast casserole dishes like Egg and Hash Brown Casserole. Shredding or cutting potatoes takes a few minutes. Combined with few fresh eggs, green bell pepper and salt and pepper, you have a delicious breakfast ready. For a twist, add turkey ground sausage. Some people also use the MEC pot to make cinnamon rolls, hash browns, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs and hot cereals such as oatmeal among other Dutch oven recipes. The pot becomes naturally nonstick after 5-6 uses so you can also pour egg mixture (scrambled eggs mixed with salt, pepper, and herbs and spices) or any other recipe that calls for nonstick cooking.

Perfect for your camping breakfast ideas

The pot also works great outdoors on camping trips. You can cook over hot coals for an authentic campfire breakfast. The gentle heat never lets the pot be extremely hot so you can always handle it using oven mitts. The pot retains heat for 4x longer so you can always serve warm and delicious Dutch oven breakfast. On your next camping trip, make sure you take your Miriams Dutch oven and a wooden spoon with you.

Now that you know how Miriams Dutch oven cooking is non-toxic and healthier than cooking in any metal cookware, why don’t you visit MEC’s online store and order a Large or XL pot for cooking healthy breakfast recipes for your family? They ship worldwide and offer great discounts on sets!

People Also Ask:

Is it healthy to cook in Dutch oven?

It depends on what your Dutch oven pot is made from. The reactive materials like metals, enamels or any chemical based additives cause the pot to leach toxins and contaminate food. For cooking healthy food, you need a Dutch oven made from an inert material. Miriams clay pots are excellent for this purpose because they are made from lab tested primary clay without additives, glazes or enamels. They offer many healthy features that allow cooking your Dutch oven meals, from breakfast to midnight, all healthy and delicious!


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