Healthy Dutch Oven Vegetarian Recipes You Have to Try in MEC


Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a US-based company makes pots and pans from lab-tested primary clay without additives, chemicals, or glazes. Among the many uses for these handmade healthy pots, Dutch oven cooking is one of the more popular reasons people buy these.

Soups, side dishes, desserts, and one-pot meals – there are so many vegetarian Dutch oven recipes that you can try in MEC. Cooking in MEC’s clay pots retains the ingredients’ natural flavors, enhances the aromas, and preserves the recipe’s nutritional value — turning your meals more delicious and nutritious. MEC’s far-infrared heat cooking and natural steam retention abilities make cooking simple and fast, with little-to-no babysitting and lower heat. In this article, we have 5 popular Dutch oven recipes for vegetarian cooking on the stove top in MEC!

5 MEC Vegetarian Dutch Oven Recipes For Your Kitchen

MEC cooking makes your Dutch oven recipes healthier and more convenient in many ways. For example, some beans & lentils do not need to be soaked, because the earthen far-infrared heat of the pot cooks them from the inside out. They can be prepared in a fraction of the time from scratch, meaning you can now say goodbye to canned beans with harmful aluminum/tin cans & unhealthy preservatives.

Additionally, there is no need to start with heating oil, ghee, or fat first — which eventually break down into unhealthy trans-fats. Instead with MEC, you can replace oils with just water and cook as usual, then you can add the oil or ghee on top when the dish is almost done. This method is healthier and makes your food extra delicious. Keep reading to discover how MEC cooking makes these 5 popular recipes healthier and easier.

1. Chickpea Soup With Pasta & Vegetables

Full of vegetables with vitamins, pasta as a grain choice, and chickpeas for protein, this soup covers all you need for a wholesome & healthy meal. The pot & lid’s natural steam retention capabilities creates a natural broth, so no added vegetable broth is needed!

Nutritionally Dense Chickpea Soup with Pasta & Veggies
Nutritionally Dense Chickpea Soup with Pasta & Veggies

Here is the full recipe.

2. Garbanzo Chili (Chana Masala)

Garbanzo beans are a great food choice for a plant-based protein. Popularly known as chickpeas, these are legumes in the same family as kidney beans. Rich in calcium, magnesium, fiber, and other nutrients for strong bones, they have a buttery, nutty flavor, along with a creamy texture. They boost your mental health, help lower cholesterol, and lower cancer risk!

In MEC, the lectins and phytates are thoroughly cooked by earthen heat, thus they end up well-digested in the gut, causing the good nutrients in the food to be fully absorbed.

Healthy, Hearty & Easy Chana Masala in MEC
Healthy, Hearty & Easy Chana Masala in MEC

Click here for a list of ingredients and cooking instructions.

3. One-Pot Healthy Spaghetti Primavera

Get ready for a healthy twist to the standard one-pot pasta primavera! Your choice of pasta affects the nutritive value of this dish. Bronze-cut spaghetti usually is less processed because molds are not used. Also, choosing air-dried pasta increases the overall nutritive value because this grain is not dried with nutrient-destroying heat. All ingredients can cook in just one pot, saving you both space and time!

Spaghetti Primavera
Spaghetti Primavera

The full recipe can be found here.

4. Lentil & Bean Soup With Healthy Vegetables and an Assortment of Spices (AKA Sambar)

The lentils used in this soup recipe are called split pigeon peas (or Toor dal), and they contain 32 grams of proteins per cup of lentils. The beans in the dish, called black chickpeas (or kala chana in Southeastern Asian vernacular), contain 10.7g of proteins. Onions are great for the augmentative system. The included tomatoes (no need for tomato paste) aids your cardio-vascular system. Cauliflower helps the brain and the nervous system! Potatoes that are fat-free and have zero cholesterol contain complex and simple carbs, which are a great source of energy for the body. Carrots are very beneficial for the immune system and eyesight. No vegetable broth is needed for this lentil soup, broth is naturally created in the pot. MEC’s gentle cooking makes sure all the nutrients in this soup reach your body intact!

Sambar in MEC
Sambar in MEC

Please click here for full recipe.

5. Mixed Vegetables Simmered in Coconut Gravy

This medley of select vegetables provides an excellent boost of vitamins and minerals to the body, along with the antioxidants and trace minerals provided by the spices. Manganese, selenium, copper, and iron are but a few of the essential nutrients the freshly made coconut milk adds to the dish! You can serve this meal with rice, couscous, or unleavened bread.

Vegetable Korma in coconut gravy cooked in Clay
Vegetable Korma in Coconut Gravy Cooked in Clay

Here is the full recipe.

Interested in trying these healthy Dutch oven recipes and more with MEC’s non-toxic pots? Head over to our online store and order a 100% non-toxic Dutch oven today!


People Also Ask

What can a vegetarian Dutch oven be used for?

A vegetarian Dutch oven can be used for baking, simmering, roasting, frying, boiling, steaming, sautéing, braising, serving meals, and even storage. MEC’s pure clay cooking pots are excellent Dutch ovens and can be used to prepare healthier & more nutritious food on stove tops with various heat sources, in a conventional oven, or over open flames.


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