Learn about the ease of cooking Healthy & Non-toxic rice in Miriams Earthen Cookware


Cooking healthy and non-toxic rice requires choosing the right variety of rice and the cookware. As some might know, parboiled aged rice (non-hybrid and non-GMO) is the best choice. And thanks to Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC), we have a pot that cooks non-toxic and nutritious rice. Let us find out how:

For cooking rice in MEC, all you need to keep in mind is the rice to water ratio which is typically 1:2. Just add the rice and water to your MEC pot, cover the lid and cook on medium for 20-30 minutes. In the first few minutes, the unique far infrared heat will spread throughout the pot and then will cook rice quickly yet evenly by penetrating each grain. This way, the cooking duration remains the same, but less heat is needed, and the cooking process is easier than the conventional: where you don’t have to pre-heat the water or wait for it to boil before adding the rice, or have to stir to prevent sticking or burning. With MEC, you can add rice and water at the same time, cover and let it cook till done on low heat. Then come back to turn stove off! The same method applies to all other grains…!

How MEC cooks healthy and non-toxic? 

Unlike metals or ceramics, pure clay is naturally inert, so nothing leaches in while cooking rice or grains. Therefore, your wisely chosen rice stays uncontaminated. Not only this, MEC preserves delicate nutrients like complex-carbs, in the grains through far infrared heat cooking:

The heat radiating from MEC is quite different from the harsh near- infrared heat from metals/ceramics. Rice – a powerhouse of simple and complex carbs typically loses the more delicate complex carbs as they break down due to harsh heat in conventional cookware.

The pot’s gentle heat also prevents rice and grains from being over or undercooked. The grains turn out moist, fluffy and each grain separate from one another – without any additives or oils. When you cook your grains regularly in MEC, your sugar levels stay under control when your body is supplied with a balance of both simple and complex carbs.

Now that you are already thinking about diabetes – let me mention that eating grains cooked in MEC heals diabetes by improving the production of insulin. Miriam Kattumuri – the founder of MEC was able to cure her diabetes by cooking in pure clay – read her full story here.

Now that you know the health benefits, order a pot from MEC Store today to start cooking healthy and non-toxic rice & grains today!


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