Pressure Cooking Beans and Lentils in Miriams Earthen Cookware, the Benefits:


If you are into healthy eating, then the highly nutritious beans and lentils can be a great choice. The conventional way would be pressure cooking beans and lentils in a stainless steel or aluminum pressure cooker. They cook faster this way because of the high amounts of pressure that builds up inside these kind of pots.

This method surely seems convenient but have you considered what happens to the health & nutritional value of your wisely chosen ingredients? Let’s find out:

Conventional cookware and their attack on food’s nutrients:

Consider this: You are cooking in a metal pot and accidentally touch the pot – what happens? You burn your skin!  It is similar to what happens to tissue matter in food that contains the foods nutrients. Delicate nutrients are destroyed when cooking in such pots, and added to that is the harsh heat and high pressure that expedites the damage in this case of pressure cooking.

Also, metal pots are innately reactive so they leach while cooking beans and lentils and contaminate them.  

Miriam’s earthen cookware (MEC) makes the difference: 

 MEC pots are made from naturally inert pure clay (unglazed chemical-free primary clay). This means food cooked in MEC will be 100% non-toxic – guaranteed!

While the harsh near infrared heat from metals destroys nutrients and leaves food deficient. With MEC’s far infrared heat cooking, nutrients are preserved and yet food cooks thoroughly because this food-friendly heat penetrates deep into every grain without causing nutritional damage. Thus, pressure cooking beans and lentils in MEC makes them more nutritious & delicious – guaranteed! 

Have you heard of water soluble nutrients? They are not stored in body like fat soluble nutrients so you need them from food on a daily basis. When you cook in conventional lock and seal metal pressure cooker with vents in the lid, all the steam (water soluble nutrients) has to escape through the vents before the lid can be opened. On the other hand, the ergonomically designed MEC pots are known for their excellent steam management: the lid being cooler than the pot during cooking lets steam condense on its inner surface which falls back into food. So with MEC, your food contains all the water soluble nutrients.

Besides food being healthier and more nutritious in MEC, it tastes great too! This happens because the nutrients are preserved and so is the taste. Unlike conventional pressure cooking which often overcooks your food and steals it natural taste and color (by destroying flavonoids), cooking in MEC makes your beans and lentils taste their best – guaranteed!  

With so many benefits of pressure cooking beans and lentils using MEC, why would anyone ever want to cook them any other way? If you agree, then head over to MEC Store and order your own pots today!


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