Tips to choosing a non-toxic pressure cooker for your kitchen


Pressure cooking means cooking food under steam pressure created by cooking food in water. For healthy pressure cooking, the pressure cooker must be completely non-toxic, so it does not contaminate food while cooking. Here are few useful tips that can help choose a non-toxic pressure cooker

Do not choose a metal pressure cooker, why? 

Metals are the worst choice when it comes to making a cooking pot for these 2 reasons: 

  1. Metals are innately reactive; they leach toxic ions at cooking temperature that react with nutrients in food and form toxic compounds. These compounds are assimilated with food and accumulate in blood, tissues, and organs, and cause detrimental changes. 
  1. The harsh near infrared heat from metals is destructive to the delicate food tissues and nutrients. Thus, food cooked in metals is contaminated and deficient in nutrients

Do not choose a ceramic pressure cooker, why? 

Ceramics is low quality clay laden with chemicals containing oxides of metals. These poisonous chemicals leach into food and contaminate it. Eating such food regularly lays the foundation for many illnesses and chronic diseases. And like in metals, the harsh heat destroys nutrients.  

Choose a pressure cooker that is made with the right material, it makes all the difference: 

The right material would be 100% non-toxic and can preserve nutrients. The only such known natural material is pure and primary clay. Pure clay is completely inert so does not leach while cooking food. The walls of a pure clay pot radiate gentle far infrared heat that penetrates deep into food and cooks evenly and thoroughly keeping all the nutrients intact. An ergonomically designed pure clay pot (like MEC) can condense steam (water-soluble nutrients) naturally so it does not leave the pot and stays in food after cooking. 

MEC pure clay pots – the ideal pressure cookers 

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a US based pioneering company makes pots and pans from pure clay. MEC pot makes the ideal pressure cooker that cooks the healthiest food with absolutely no toxins and all nutrients intact

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