Under 30 min healthy rice and lentil recipes to cook in Miriams Earthen Cookware – the best rice cooker


Rice and lentils are one of the best combination foods and are quite popular across the globe. Did you know there are nine essential amino acids that the human body can’t produce and must get from food? These essential amino acids are unevenly distributed among plant foods. Therefore, to consume complete proteins, one must combine the right foods.

Why rice and lentils are a great combination food

Lentils and other legumes are high in lysine – an amino acid that rice is missing. But rice and other grains are high in sulfur-based amino acids missing from legumes like lentils. Any combination of lentils and rice in the ratio 1:4 has all the necessary amino acids making a complete protein.

Plain rice may be culinarily versatile but doesn’t contain much dietary fiber. Adding lentils forms a potent combination rich in fiber and protein. Moreover, they taste great together, which is another compelling reason for combining these two healthy foods.

Why MEC is the best cookware to cook rice and lentils

MEC pots and pans are made from lab tested primary clay. This healthy raw material is naturally non-toxic and packs many healthy features crucial for a nutrient-rich meal.

Rice is rich in simple and complex carbohydrates. However, cooking it in a conventional metal or ceramic pot damages the more delicate complex carbs, leaving an excess of simple carbs. As a result, eating such rice regularly disrupts insulin management and causes type 2 diabetes.

MEC’s gentle far infrared heat cooking keeps delicate nutrients like complex carbs intact. This unique heat penetrates deep into each grain and cooks evenly and thoroughly at low heat. Rice comes out well cooked, moist and fluffy, with the perfect balance of simple and complex carbs.

Similarly, cooking lentils in a conventional pot can destroy their essential amino acids like lysine. Also, the phytic acid in lentils may cause digestive problems if you don’t soak them overnight. Whereas with MEC, there is no need for soaking as the far infrared heat naturally breaks down the phytic acid. Moreover, all the essential amino acids are preserved.

Rice and lentils cook in about the same time, so you can cook them together in an MEC pot with the right ratio of water. The far infrared heat cooks them quickly, the flavors blend in better and you get a delicious wholesome meal in less than 30 minutes.

Here are some amazing lentils and rice recipes to cook in MEC’s healthy rice cooking pot:

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