Where Sustainability Meets Non-toxic: Meet Miriam’s Earthen Cookware!


Food is what nourishes, sustains, and prepares us to fight and recover from illnesses and therefore we must adopt ways to have non-toxic, healthy, and nutritious food. And while we are talking about our health, let us not overlook the health of the planet and avoid depletion and pollution of natural resources. 

Is there a way to cook non-toxic food while pursuing environmental sustainability? Luckily, there is. Meet this pioneering US based cookware brand, Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) where sustainability meets non-toxic. MEC’s 100% non-toxic kitchenware made from All-Natural primary clay keeps your food free from toxins and helps to maintain the planet’s health. Keep reading to find out how. 

MEC’s Non-toxic Kitchenware & Cookware keep toxins at bay 

Metals are innately reactive and ceramics are laden with toxic chemicals, so cookware made with these ingredients are likely to leach toxins into your food and contaminate it. This may cause all your efforts of cooking healthy to go in vain! But MEC’s cookware does not pose such risk because its made of 100% pure clay, which is naturally inert. To ensure they remain non-toxic, the makers do not use any additives, chemicals, or glazes – only 100% tested and certified primary clay, which is the purest form of natural clay, rich in nutrients. This company not only makes cookware but has recently added dinnerware made from the same nutrient-rich natural clay.

How sustainability meets non-toxic at MEC? 

We know how mining of metals cause massive deforestation and affects wildlife because of the vast amounts of land that needs to be cleared. And much toxic waste is released into the environment during their extraction and processing. The kitchenware made from such toxic materials has a negative effect on the planet’s health in many ways – from procuring raw material to putting the finished product on the shelves. This is where MEC comes to the rescue. 

Primary clay is harvested from earth’s crust where it forms by a natural process and is fully renewable. The making of cookware and kitchenware does not release any toxins as chemicals are not used at any stage. MEC cookware and kitchenware are 100% green during use and at the end of their useful life cycle – they go back to the same earth where they come from, unlike metals whose safe disposal is a challenge for the whole world. 

To sum up, MEC kitchenware is 100% planet friendly in the making, during use and even after that, while also keeping your food fully non-toxic. Ready to adopt a truly non-toxic and green kitchenware for the sake of both your health and that of the planet?  Choose your non-toxic cookware or kitchenware today at the MEC store.


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