Rice is a healthy staple, but cooking it without additives is important. Here’s how you can cook it without oils or additives.


Adding oils or additives to make rice fluffy, tasty and each grain separate from one another is a common practice for some cooks. But adding oils increases the fat content of your rice making it less healthy. And buying pre-seasoned or ‘enriched’ rice can be unhealthy due to all the additives. Is there a way to cook healthy rice without oil or preservatives, and additives? Luckily, there is. Keep reading to learn more.

First, choose the right rice

The so-called enhanced or enriched (often GMO) varieties are a big NO because they are bleached and are full of additives. Such rice may look great after cooking but is unhealthy. It is best to choose parboiled aged rice grown away from industrial lands. Basmati rice of East Indian origin is one of the great choices. Because it is unprocessed and grown in dams that harvest rainwater, there is no arsenic contamination. Fiber-rich brown rice is another great choice.

Then choose the right pot

Cooking rice in metal or ceramic pots takes away all the health value. These materials leach toxins and contaminate rice while cooking. Moreover, the harsh heat that radiates from these materials destroys nutrients. As a result, rice turns out mushy or gooey and tastes bland. This makes many cooks turn to unhealthy oils or additives.

MEC’s pure clay pot is an excellent rice and grains cooker for all its healthy features. Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) is an all-American company that handmakes pots and pans from best quality clay. This company uses primary clay without additives or glazes and offers ergonomically designed cookware full of healthy features. What are they? Let’s find out.

Healthy Features of MEC’s Rice Cooker

The raw material is 100% non-toxic NATURALLY and with absence of additives, MEC pots cook food without leaching.

Pure clay pots radiate unique far infrared heat. This gentle food friendly heat penetrates deep into each grain and cooks thoroughly at low heat. As a result, all the nutrients, including the most delicate complex carbs, are preserved.

The ergonomic design of the pot and lid makes steam (water soluble nutrients), formed during cooking, condense on the lid’s inside and keep falling back into food. This way, your food is enriched with water soluble nutrients lost in other pots that cannot manage steam in this way.

Another feature of the MEC line is the cookware becomes non-stick after it is fully seasoned and used 4-5 times. (Learn more about this process here.) This is yet another reason you don’t need oil.

Thus, rice cooks moist and fluffy in MEC without additives or oils. And they are healthier and more nutritious.

Ways to enjoy rice with MEC

With this great pot that cooks the best rice, there are many ways you can enjoy rice. Options include: one-pot meal with rice such as biriyani, and even rice as stand-alone dish can be seasoned with sweet spices (eg. cinnamon or cloves) or with savory spices, (eg. cumin, coriander, turmeric). Want something to add on top or other mix-in? Try MEC yogurt. Here are some delicious rice recipes from MEC’s kitchen:

Amaranth w/ Rice – An Anytime Nourishing Meal!

Rice with lentils, vegetables and spices (AKA Khichari)

Millie Rice

Did these different ways to enjoy healthy rice titillate your taste buds? Get started cooking healthy rice without oil or additives – and get your MEC pot today!


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