Benefits of Cooling and Drinking Water from Your MEC Water Jars


Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – the US-based brand known for making cookware from lab-tested primary clay recently introduced a new product made from the same raw material and with the same quality standards. Many customers have been requesting a clay pot for storing water and this egg-shaped MEC water jar does that, and so much more. This article explains how it cools and purifies drinking water naturally along with its many other benefits.

The Material and the Design

MEC makes this water jar from the purest form of natural clay without any glazes or additives like iron oxide which can make the water unsafe and compromise its natural purifying and cooling abilities.

You may notice that traditional water storage jars have a narrow bottleneck design which makes it difficult to clean and dry. Therefore, MEC opted for the coveted “egg” shaped design with a wider mouth, so the jar is easy to clean, dry and serve water from. At the bottom, there is a vented stand incorporated into the design so it can be stably placed on the counters, floor, or a stand.

1x MEC Tested & Certified 100% Primary Clay Water Jar W/lid: 6 Quart|24 Cups Water
MEC Water Jar for Naturally Cooling & Purifying Water

Why Store Water in a Clay Pot?

Storing water in a clay pot is a time-tested and time-honored method of cooling, purifying, and energizing it. This is how:

Cooling and Purification by Evaporation:

The pot perspires water from the semi-porous walls, which evaporates and lowers the temperature of the water stored inside. Also, clay consists of positively charged ions that extract negatively charged toxins in water and push them out along with other impurities through this “sweating” process. Through scientific testing, we know that a pure clay water jar can extract chlorides, nitrates, ammonia, and arsenic.



Cooling and purification by constant movement of water:

The giant egg shape of the jar keeps the water in constant motion by allowing warmer water from the bottom to rise to the top as the cool water moves towards the bottom due to gravity. This cycle keeps repeating and keeps water in constant motion and helps to thoroughly purify the water and improve its structure and energy.

Other water purification and safety features unique to MEC:

MEC clay is alkaline and much of the water today has low pH (acidic), so when water is stored in MEC water jar, it is neutralized which is why you’d notice that the water tastes “sweet”.

MEC’s high-quality clay has anti-bacterial properties which makes MEC products naturally anti-bacterial.

MEC water jars are the only clay water jars in the whole world that can be used to heat and boil water on a gas stove or open flame for sanitization.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are answers to some questions you might have about MEC water jar:

How does the MEC water jar purify water?

MEC water jar purifies water in 2 steps:

  1. The positively charged ions in clay extract the negatively charged toxins in water and push them out through the semi-porous walls by “sweating” just like the human body removes toxins through sweating.
  2. The egg-shaped design helps warmer water from the bottom to rise and the cool water moves towards the bottom due to gravity. This constant movement of water ensures that all the water contained in the jar is thoroughly purified and cooled.
What kind of toxins can MEC water jar remove from water?

Through scientific testing, we can know that a pure clay water jar can extract chlorides, nitrates, Ammonia and Arsenic. [References:

Why does the water taste “sweet” when stored in MEC water jar?

MEC clay is alkaline, and it neutralizes the acidity of water, bringing back its natural “sweet” taste.

How long does MEC water jar take to purify water?

You can start consuming water 30 minutes after adding it to the MEC water jar. The longer it stays in the jar, the more it is purified and cooled.

Why does MEC water jar not have a spigot?

Spigots could break and start leaking over time, eventually reducing the life of your MEC water jar. Also, the rubber washers and the metal could collect dirt, could be hard to clean, and could grow mildew over time with the collection of toxins on the outside. The spigot would interrupt the egg shape of the water jar and would interfere with its natural cooling and purifying properties.

Did you know?

Pets love water stored in the MEC water jar. The naturally cooled, energized, and purified water tastes better, so pets like it better than ordinary drinking water.

Interested in getting the nature’s best home drinking water cooling and filtration system for your family? Head over to our online store and order an MEC water jar today.


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