Healthy Recipes to Make for Game Day that Taste Great


If there is one event that makes you realize the importance of health, it is a game day. As you watch athletes play on the field or on the court, you can appreciate the importance of good health. And what better way to boost your overall health than eating nutritious and healthy food? Healthy eating gives you the power to move and think better.

It is also good for a game day when people tend to eat over a period of time, and may feel more full. It is even more important to eat the right food – made from fresh ingredients with a balance of nutrients so it makes you feel satisfied without making your belly uncomfortably stuffed.

This is why you need to have some healthy recipes for game day or football season handy along with the right cooking method. More on that below.

How Miriams Earthenware offers a better way of cooking your healthy game day recipes

Miriams Earthenware is a pioneering US-based cookware brand making pots and pans from lab tested primary clay without additives, glazes or enamels. This naturally non-toxic cookware comes with many features that make it easy to cook healthy recipes without compromising on taste.

Without any toxic coating, Miriams pots become naturally nonstick after 5-6 uses. It can cook meals that are fat free or low in fat. This means delicious recipes with less calories and less impact on bad cholesterol levels.

Miriams pure clay radiates unique far infrared heat that cooks food from inside out on low heat and in less time. This gentle heat keeps even the most delicate nutrients like phytonutrients and flavonoids intact. These nutrients are responsible for natural color and taste in food, so any healthy game day snack tastes better with ingredients retaining their natural flavor and aroma. Eating nutrient-rich and healthy game day snacks keeps you full for longer.

Prepare your healthy Game Day menu with MEC

Your healthy appetizers, easy dinner, and healthy desserts prepared in Miriams cookware can offer such a healthy experience with good food to satisfy a few or satisfy a crowd. Save this article for super bowl food ideas in the future.

If you are more into less oil cooking like searing chicken, baking bread (including making Naan & unleavened bread on the stove), roasting meats, grilling, and the like, then you’d love Miriams Griddle Pan. Just apply little oil to the edges, and it will drain towards the center. There your wholesome ingredients will absorb it while roasting or searing on a naturally nonstick surface.

Cooking delicious healthy appetizer recipes like crispy chicken wings, baked zucchini fries, and other dips to replace heavy calorie-laden buffalo chicken dip with blue cheese and served with tortilla chips is a sure way to lighten up the festive appetizer cuisine.

Making your recipes using MEC griddle or cooking pot makes them extra rich with no compromise on their natural flavors or nutrition.

Chicken wings, a real crowd pleaser, can be made gluten free by eliminating bread coatings and flour, and instead seasoning with herbs and spices. You can also use almond flour as a substitute for other flour if you want to coat the wings.

Serve your griddle-cooked wings with your favorite dipping sauce like soy sauce, homemade salsa, or Greek yogurt style dip to replace the high fat sour cream. Make it with yogurt prepared in MEC (see recipe for dairy free yogurt here).

While you are at it, you can use the yogurt to replace mayonnaise in your spinach and artichoke dip with grated parmesan! Make it gluten free by serving with sweet bell pepper slices and rice crackers for dipping.

Among dip recipes, hummus is a favorite. Make it using an MEC slow cooker pot to cook chickpeas, yellow split peas, or black beans with garlic, onion, salt, and pepper. You can then blend the legumes with a little oil like olive oil, if desired for added flavor texture but it is not necessary. Serve with fresh veggies for dipping.

MEC Griddle for your next perfect snack.
MEC Griddle for your next perfect snack.

Now that you know the healthiest way to cook your favorite game day appetizers, why not choose a healthy pot and griddle from MEC’s online store so you can eat healthy before your next big game or at the next super bowl party.

Here are some great recipes for you to try from MEC’s kitchen:

Grilled Meats and Vegetables

MEC Griddle Roasted Cauliflower with Delicious Marinara Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes for dipping sauce

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls cooked in MEC. Make it healthier by replacing ground beef with lean ground turkey or chicken, rice, cilantro or parsley and seasonings. Serve these finger foods with Delicious Marinara Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes as dipping sauce. These can be made in a big batch.

Creamy Hummus made with Chick pea, Split Pea or other Beans. Cook in MEC with garlic and onion, then peas. Blend with enough olive oil to make hummus for dipping fresh veggies. A perfect appetizer!

Eggplant Yogurt Dip – Mix chopped eggplant cooked in MEC pot with MEC yogurt. Serve with fresh vegetables and pita bread or other unleavened bread.

Got any Game Day recipes to share? Post in the comments below.

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