Why The Best Pizza Stones are Made From Clay


Looking for a pizza stone substitute to make sure there are no toxins leaching into your food from the baking stone material during baking? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss what the pizza stones are conventionally made of and which is the best alternative material that is completely non-toxic.

What is a pizza stone and what can they be used for? Hint, hint, not just pizza

A pizza stone is essentially a baking stone that is designed particularly for baking pizzas. Food is put on this stone, which is then placed inside an oven. Baking stones are supposed to be porous so they can absorb moisture causing food to be crispier like a crispy pizza crust. Or a crispy crust while roasting, baking naan, baking chicken nuggets, cookies, chips and so on.

What are Pizza Stones made of?

Pizza stones were historically fire bricks made from clay but today they are mostly made from a ceramic composite. Other pizza stone substitute items are made from stone, salt and even metals.

Modern cooking also uses alternatives like baking steel or pizza steels which are baking sheets made of stainless steel, cast iron pans, aluminum pizza pans, ceramic pans etc. Some home cooks also manage without a pizza stone and bake on an inverted skillet made of cast iron, a Dutch oven or inverted baking sheet for their smoother surface.

But all of these are made from reactive materials like metals or chemical laden ceramics which causes them to leach during cooking.

For a truly nontoxic baking sheet, the raw material should be free from metals, chemicals or any other reactive material. What is the alternative?

Pizza Stone Alternative that is Non-toxic

Miriams Earthenware makes a pure clay griddle that is the best pizza stone substitute. Unlike ceramic pizza stones and other metal alternatives, this one is made from a naturally inert raw material. Miriams uses lab tested primary clay without additives and handmakes 100% non-toxic naan pan/griddle. It is easy to season, easy to use and is versatile. More on these features below.

Best pizza stone substitute - MEC Griddle Pan
Miriams pure clay griddle set for baking in your pizza oven.

Easy to Season

Unlike a cast iron skillet, Miriams griddle is easy to season. Here is this one time process:

  1. Soak the griddle in water for 30 minutes, then drain and wipe the griddle dry.
  2. Take 2-3. Tbsp. of oil (olive, coconut, or sesame seed oil — no animal fat) and apply with hands on the surface of the griddle (both sides).
  3. Set aside and set the oven to 250 degrees F.
  4. Put the griddle in the oven and warm it for 20-25 minutes.
  5. Turn the oven off; allow the griddle to stay in the hot oven until it cools. The griddle is now seasoned and can be used right after!

Easy to Use

Among the various pizza stone alternatives, this one is easiest to use. For regular oven use it is recommended to soak for 10 minutes prior to each use. It works on less heat and takes less cooking time – thanks to deep penetrating far infrared heat radiating from Miriams clay.

This griddle features a concave-slope design. If you use oil, apply oil to the edges. The slope will collect any residual oil in the center, with your food absorbing oil as needed. Any excessive fats or oils will drain to the center so food is not too oily. This makes it great for searing chicken, baking bread (including making Naan & unleavened bread on the stove), roasting meats, grilling, making pancakes, and more!

The surface is naturally nonstick and there is even heat distribution which bakes bread perfectly with very little use of oil or butter/ghee.

Easy Care and Maintenance and Energy Saving

What makes it a good pizza stone alternative is how easy it is to clean and maintain. Food doesn’t stick so you can wash it using baking soda and water. No need to use toxic soaps. Wipe dry with a cotton towel and set it in a ventilated place to dry. Because it doesn’t require high temperatures, it saves energy by cooking everything on low heat.


You can use it in the oven (up to 400 degrees), on the stove (low heat setting), on an outdoor grill, or on an open flame. Besides being a baking sheet replacement, it works as a great alternative to a cast iron pan, any metal pizza pan (like pure aluminum, pizza steel pan, etc.), or a hot grill (for grilled pizza etc.). And it cooks all foods without leaching any toxins into your food so it is safe to use.

These features make it the favorite stone alternative for healthy cooks around the world. Now that you know your best recipes including homemade pizza can be cooked healthier without using a pizza stone, why don’t you get a Miriams griddle pan from their online store and start making pizza healthy and nontoxic for the whole family?

People Also Ask:

What can I use if I don’t have a pizza stone?

The best nontoxic alternative to a pizza stone is Miriams pure clay griddle. It can cook a lot more recipes than just pizza, like naans, cookies, grilled veggies, bread twists and so on. Because of a nontoxic raw material, it doesn’t leach toxins into your food like pizza stones or conventional clay pans made from low quality clay coated with chemical laden ceramics.


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