Which pots and pans are best for healthy cooking outdoors this summer?


The aroma of your food cooking on a grill and the joy of eating in the open air… It is a great summer pleasure that one must experience often with friends and family. It becomes a great social event and allows you to spend quality time with people you like. You no longer have to worry about turning on the oven and heating up your kitchen. And you get to cook healthy foods in your favorite pots and pans in the pleasant weather. Moreover, you do not have a lot to clean up after the party is over.

For all these reasons, many home chefs take cooking outdoors during the summer months. Which pots and pans would be best for the job? Keep reading to learn more.

Best pots and pans for healthy cooking outdoors

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a pioneering cookware brand based in the US, known for making pots and pans from lab tested primary clay. The makers do not use any additives, chemicals, or glazes to keep their cookware as pure and healthy as their all-natural raw material. They offer features that conventional cookware cannot. And this is what makes these the preferred choice of healthy cooks around the world.

Why is MEC better than conventional pots?

Conventional cooking pots are typically made from materials like metals, their alloys, or ceramics. All these materials are reactive to food, a biochemical entity.

Metals are innately reactive so they can leach no matter in which form they are present in the raw material. Ceramics are laden with numerous chemicals containing metal oxides among other toxic chemicals. This makes them reactive and toxic to food cooking in them. The pots and pans made from these materials are widely available in the market because of cheap manufacturing costs and ease of making.

MEC, on the other hand, makes pots from all-natural pure clay by throwing the clay on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands to shape it into usable pieces. This process demands more time and hard work, but it really pays off in the form of the healthiest pots and pans.

The makers do not use any additives to make the clay easier to work with, like elasticizers, drying agents, plasticizers etc. because these would make the pots toxic. All these cautionary steps add so many healthy features to the final product.

Features and benefits of MEC that make it the best choice

MEC pots and pans are 100% non-toxic because they are made from the purest form of clay through and through, which is naturally inert (non-reactive).

They radiate unique far infrared heat that cooks food evenly and thoroughly at low heat. Many recipes like slow cooking take less than half the time they take in a conventional pot. This saves both time and energy.

This gentle heat keeps even the most delicate nutrients intact. As a result, your meals are rich in complex carbs, phytonutrients, and flavonoids. Also, the natural taste and aroma of your ingredients are preserved.

The ergonomic design of MEC pots and lids allows them to manage steam by condensing it on the cooler inside part of the lid. It keeps falling back into food and fortifies it with essential water-soluble nutrients.

A fully seasoned MEC pot is naturally non-stick so there is no need to lubricate with additional oils or fats to prevent food from sticking. The oil that heats in the pot first can break into unhealthy trans-fat. By cooking in MEC, you can avoid adding oil first and add oil when food is almost done cooking. This way of cooking is much healthier.

MEC pots and pans are multi-functional and versatile. You can cook different dishes in a single pot and can cook over different heat sources – gas, electric, glass cooktops, wood fire and grills. This essentially means you can have one cookware for cooking both in your kitchen and outdoors. There is no need to buy additional pots.

All these features make MEC pots healthier and economical alternatives to conventional cookware for cooking outdoors as well as in your kitchen. Ready to enjoy your next gathering with friends and family with tasty and nutritious food cooked in MEC? Head over to our online store and order a cooking pot today!


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