5 questions about MEC’s healthy slow cooker answered!


Besides the many types of cooking, MEC is particularly known for healthy slow cooking. The pots made from 100% pure and natural primary clay can do wonders to your favorite slow cooking recipes – all thanks to unique far infrared heat. Here are the answers to 5 commonly asked questions about MEC’s healthy slow cooking to get you started: 

1. Can bone broth be really made in less than 2-3 hours? 

Yes, we know it sounds unbelievable but it’s true! Using MEC, cooking a bone broth with chicken bones  takes just 1.5 hours, and with beef bones it takes about 2 hours. This is possible because of the difference in the heat cooking the food. The unique far-infrared heat penetrates deeper into the bones in less time than heat from conventional slow cookers. The best part is – there is no nutritional loss or contamination from the pot. 

You can know when the broth is done when the chicken bones are of a softer chew-able consistency, the soup is savory and any meat will be falling off the bones. Beef bone may not be chew-able like chicken but they would look a shade or two darker than how they started, and the broth savory. When it starts cooling down the broth will be thick and gelatinous. 

“Bone broth amazed me. After about three hours I tested my bones, and I could crush (break) them with my hands – a standard test of doneness. It takes much, much longer to get to this point when I use my stainless cookware or crock pot.”, says Sally, an avid MEC cook. 

2. Can MEC slow cookers be used on the stovetop? 

Yes, you can use MEC slow cooker right on a stovetop and cook most other slow cooked meals in less than 40-45 minutes! Only use a well-seasoned pot (one that has been used 4-5 times) for slow cooking.   

Add all the ingredients at once, set the pot on your stove and start on low-medium, increase to medium heat in 5-10 minutes and once food is cooking and boiling for about 30-40 minutes, reduce to low and let it cook till fully done. It’s that simple! 

3. What is the difference between MEC and conventional slow cookers? 

There are basically three factors that set MEC apart from any conventional slow cooker: 

  1. The raw material is 100% non-toxic – tested and certified. Pure clay is naturally inert and free from contaminants. On the other hand, the pot used as an insert in conventional slow cooker is made from metals or ceramics. Metals are innately reactive and leach into food during cooking, and make it toxic. Ceramics is laden with chemicals containing metal compounds that reactively leach in a similar way. 
  2. The heat that cooks food in MEC is a lot different from conventional slow cookers. The latter cooks with near infrared heat – harsh and destructive to food’s nutrients. Also, it takes a long time to cook food thoroughly hence the cooking time is almost a whole day. On the other hand, MEC cooks with far infrared heat – the same life-giving heat that earth radiates — this gentle food-friendly heat penetrates deep into food and cooks it thoroughly in less than half the time while keeping nutrients intact. 
  3. Cooking in MEC slow cooker is a lot more convenient. You can simply add all ingredients at once and let them cook at low heat – no babysitting required. Unlike conventional crock machine, you can check your food for doneness whenever you want to. 

4. Can MEC slow cookers be used for other types of cooking too?

Yes, MEC pots are meant for different types of cooking and slow cooking is just one of them. You can use MEC as Dutch Oven, Best Soup & Stews Pot, Pressure Cooker, Rice & Grains Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Vegetable Steamer, Bread Baker and many more… your creativity has no limits and so does MEC! 

5. Can MEC pot be used as insert in a crock machine? 

Yes, you can use a MEC pot as a crock machine insert. Just check the inside base diameter of your crock machine and see which MEC pot can fit in. Here are the dimensions for all sizes: 

  • Small 1.75 qt — Bottom DM 7.5”.  Works with machines w/ inside base DM 8.5 or greater 
  • Medium 2.75 qt –Bottom DM 8.25” (makes 6-7 cups of rice). Works with machines w/ inside base DM 9.25″ or greater. 
  • Large 4 qt — bottom diameter 9.5” (10-12 cups of rice). Works with machines w/ inside base DM 10.5″ or greater 
  • X-large 6 qt — bottom diameter 10”.  Works with machines w/ inside base DM 11″ or greater 

But when MEC can cook the same recipes in less than half time (most recipes in 40 minutes or less) on a stove top, which is a lot more convenient, would you still want to use it as an insert in your crock machine? I leave this to your better judgement!


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